Saturday, January 10, 2009

BLACK OR WHITE (the remix project remix)

I dont know how I came up with this idea but I did.

Im always thinking of odd things, so I asked all of the Remix staff to do a lil thing where they dance and I would only record from the chest up only (no perv).

I think I was wanting to blog about interracial relationships...and I remembered the I wanted the video to be like Black or White-ish. So this was what I came up with.
Its not really like the video, its poorly shot, but its hilarious for everyone who knows us.

Enjoy it anyhow,

Ill be posting the interracial relationships blog a lil later on.
Probably not until Sunday night or Monday ish.

Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who's been showing me love for the last few days!


jaey said...

that was funny. i loved it and i dont know you guys......yet. lol good job tho

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bryan was the cutest and the blue lady with curly hair, yesh,i know who he is, i stalk your blog

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


i was worried about looking like an idiot. meanwhile, everyone looked like a fucking idiot.


Nebby said...

this was soooo cute!!! i loved it! i wanna be in on the remix remix..remix.

hustleGRL said...

Hahaha i loooove it

just arrived by the b train said...

LOL. that video is the funniest.

Anonymous said...

interracial relationships are the shit!

Anonymous said...

That Gavin guy is soooo cute!!! Is he single??? lol...I think you should be a matchmaker Photo have some hot friends!

Crystal said...

LMFAO!!! I fucking LOVE it!

Best one goes to Future. His was totally, Ummm I don't dance...nope. This was hillarious!!!

Next time relax on the krumping it out and maybe your phone won't take a nose dive.


Janine said...

So cute!