Sunday, January 4, 2009

of course the comment is 'anonymous'

Anonymous said...
WELL.. fuck all y'all opinions. this muhfukkuh Will IS trying to be black. aint it obvious!!!!!!!
i see you, you muh fukkuh!! all in the club, following the black people with your camera!!! fuckin lil asian.

Lmfao! Fuckin clown.
See this? This is pure entertainment to me. This is pure much I can't even address it. Lmao

Where's ur picture and name hot shot? Lol

U know who I am, u said u see me in the clubs, please, I dare u to confront me! Go gather YOUR balls, and ur moms balls too while ur at it and then holla at a chin.

Don't be fooled by my smile and good nature, there's a lot u don't know about me.

That aint g talk either...I don't need to sit here and tell u all the things I would do, ill juss show you. Do ur background check before you holla at me playa. Lmfao

Fuckin clowns. I reject ignorant comments like this from time to time...but this one I adore. I love this one. Send me another one, but with a contact and ur face.

Next saturday ill be at 6 degrees...if u can step to me, ill give u props and buy u a drink.

Waddup playa. Offers on the table. Don't talk the talk if u can't walk the walk.

Where I'm from, we don't even talk.

Fuckin clown.


Ps. This offer goes out to anyone with an issue with me. Maybe u guys should all call eachother and come together, have a group meeting, create a new Axis of Lameness, plot it out, and confront me together so you guys can be efficient about it.

Pss. This is the last bullshit blog ill post. I have a lot of other things I've been meaning to post later on tonite and a lotta pics I need to upload as well.
So, I'm not gonna turn this blog into a beef forum or anything. Ill see u guys in another few hrs. :)

Peace and love to all the non 'ignant' folks. Lol

PSSS. to the person (I know its only one), Im laughing at all the racist comments your posting on my blog. I really am. You cant even bash my character, the only thing you can attack is the color of my skin. Fuckin clown. Is the circus off for the winter or something? Shouldnt you be jugglin balls with your mouth or something?


Felix said...

So i'm pretty sure that guy with the earpiece at the club you were talking about, worked so hard to find you, where else but the blogspot because he could'nt find you on the space due to his lack of intelligence, to confront you about an opinion. Am i right?

I did'nt know tough talking/idiotic comments on the blog was the new hype these days..fools!

D said...

Wow! People go so hard over the INTERNET! Will I kno its hard to ignore ignorance esp when its directed at u but obviously he aint bout nothin. He kno where u b, see who u hang with and aint have the nerve to step to u but looked u up online to say something...lames do things like that. Smash! Super wack... Go sit down and make ur self a dang quesadilla!
Sorry, watchn napoleon..

Gorgeous Lynette said...

that honestly made me chuckle. did a 12 year old right that for some attention? The real question is can they even get into 6 degrees.

Maяіa .:* said... thought drama and games were supposed to be left back in High School??


...who ARE those people and why do they have THAT MUCH time on their hands to sit at their computer and talk smack about people they don't know? I think it's extremely shallow and to be very honest if this sounds cocky or arrogant...SO BE IT!! should be a compliment in your eyes! I know it ain't gonna phase you Will, but let their jealousy/envy be your suits you because you're always so hyper! :D

But real talks! La la love your haters Will, they’re making you famous!!

CeleBritney said...

You should hold back on addressen the lames. Just keep posten and replying to the positive comments!!

ackee said...

i really think that was done for attention and to get a reaction from you, more than anything else. like c'mon...reeeeeally?!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new stuff, keep it comin!

Anonymous said...

lmao @ the spelling of whoever wrote that.
i love how your handling this humbly will. thats how you gotta act with them haters

AYO! stephie said...

I sense a bit of hostility & jealousy from an "internet thug". He MUST be angry 'cos you're so likable (:

This new years lame ass haters need to get a REAL JOB ; smh.

undefinable said...

If this person seen u in the club then y didn't he ever approach instead of coming to the blog and posting anonymous lame.

Cass said...

You have Fan Base "muh fukkuh"... lol.

Ramiro said...

seriously he's GOTTA be the guy with the ear piece, lol

"Ralphie" said...

Will you a muhfukkin hypocrite. you can talk about me in an entire post but can't take the heat when I dish it out? i can see that fake ass grin everytime i see you. if you don't like me, why hail me up? and then you try to destroy my character on your blog? please. not everyone dresses like you and carries a cam to make friends. so. 6 degrees it is. @ the bar with my earpiece. you then can teach me how to dress after i stomp the fuck out of you with my saggy strap AF1's. why you so worried about other guys anyway? stop being a gay fuck and keep taking your pictures. i thought you was a cool dude until i heard about your gay ranting. its on now. YOU SEE ME? you better. get your jet li bullshit ready. you dont need a photo or contact from me. you know who i am. as do i. dont be surprised if you catch a bockle to ya head that night.

and yes. where im from, i talk the talk and walk the walk, in my AF1's. you can bring the Wu-Fag clan with you too.



Chilly Willy said...


This gets more humorous by the second. Funny how ur identifying urself as ralphie when ralphie is a fictional character that doesn't exist.

I have no idea who u can be.

Whatever dog, talk all u want b. U still don't have a name and that says a lot about u. Soft bro.

Ill see u when u show up.

Fuckin clown, all u do is make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Will, you probably shouldn't fight him. I'm against picking on people with obvious cases of clown syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait. What you mad cuz u push dimes and he sell weight?

...Sensitive thugs they all need hugs.

Ps: no disrespect to the ladies...I just had to drop a lil 2 cents.

thatgirlcoco said...

This is too funny...
Internet bullying now? Hmm...looks like someone started to catch feelings. Poor thing. Now he wants to start a fight. (How sad..SMH). Hopefully this guy will have some sense and not even bother to start something.

BTW anyone who would go out of their way to go to a club just to fight is cleeeeeaaarrly a fool. I think he should go read a book instead and do something about all those grammar errors.

Dont worry about the haters Will...