Friday, January 9, 2009


Every year, Addy's parents go away for a few months and his house turns into a studio for the entire time.
Rappers, producers, singers, instrumentalists...all day...all night, no lie.
If you roll by Addy's around 5am...Rich Kidd and Junia T are probably still producing, Sinotra is still spitting and Addy is probably playing 2k9 on PS3! lmao Juss playing. Addy runs on some real zombie shifts.

The song playing is produced by Junia T of the Smash Brovaz. I recorded it and Seven did all the editing on his Mac...Lord knows I couldnt do this with a Windows Movie Maker. lol

The songs are on the album are almost all done.
People who have come through in the past couple days and will be for the last 3 remaining days are Rich Kidd, Junia T, Sinotra, Jason N, Jack Flawless, Mayhem, JD Era, Famous, Richie Sosa, Promise, Matise of Keys and Krates, Kim Davis, Drex, Carsh Parallel, Brother's From Different Mothers and I think a few others that I cant remember.

I hope y'all are enjoying these short 'films'.


brittany said...

The dude with the hat on in the first few minutes scared the hell out of me with that face!!! lol

Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only one who plays fake basketball with pool balls (no homo) lol. The instrumental playing in the background was sick!!

Anonymous said...

this is a lovely beat.. oh my life!