Sunday, January 11, 2009

the 'BALLIN' alley...

So as I posted earlier, it was Brock and Drex's birthday, so we drove up to Vaughan Mills' Lucky Strike and bowled like ballers...

At the end of the night Drex says to me..

'You know how you always say, thank you to the staff for making Remix what it is? Well its actually you guys who make it what it is! So thank you! I think about where Im at now, and where I was three years ago...I would have never imagined being here. This is insane. I never imagined this."

lol...we ended up hugging it out on some real brotherly love shit. lol

Sincerely, like Bryan E says...'to living our lives as we please.'

Everything we've been dreaming of, is unfolding in front of our eyes. And if they havent yet, they're about to. We all do what we love...we stay gettin' it in. You can say we're chasing dreams, but we're actually chasing reality. Word.

Cheers to my second family, The Remix Project.

Get Money.
Make yourself, in your community, in your world.

Below: Brock



Gavin and Skinny Gucci

T-RexXx and Bry

T-RexXx poured beer all over Drex's head *pause

Blame it on the goose, gotcha feeling loose!

Thats wassup! lol

Drex and Stella


Matisse of Keys and Krates

My bowling stance

Pro Logic and Drex
yea...2 bottles of clicquot!

To living our lives as we please.

Only Bryan can bowl with a beer and a glass of champagne is his hand. lol

Step 1) Pose and ponder

Step 2) Calculate

Step 3) Run

Step 4) Kick!

Step 5) Realize you suck


I know right...who the fuck has a bill like that at a bowling alley? Ive never seen that in my life!

and yea...I won...*will dusts his shoulders...Fred Flintstone up in this bitch!


jaey said...

lol by the way, your bowling stance kicks ass! i love it. you guyz look like you had fun. admit it....the 742 was worth it

bowlin' be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

that night was fruckin amazing brodda.

Jai. said...

LMAO at blowlin' be's "special bowling tool"! Looks like some stuff my brother would do. Good post all around though...........

tilt said...

looks like a dope time... turkey for will, wat?

Soulo said...

Imma try those steps to the bowling field goal-esc kick.

I haven't been bowling in 2 yrs.

iLUVLOLA said...


Vida said...

wow! that gavin dude looks just like justin timberlake! he must get all the girls! and drex looks like edward norton! you got some celeb look-alike peeps!

him too said...

let's not forget t-rexxx (in his current incarnation) as freeway in celebrity look a-likes!

and FINALLY someone else calls the Edward Norton card!!!! Amazing.

narrylikes said...

nice bowling stance aka ballet move you've got going there.