Monday, January 5, 2009

Ashley's Private Bday Soiree @ Dragon I Lounge

Ashley, along with a handful others, but mainly Ashley held her bday party at Dragon I this past Friday.
It was good times.
The venue was small but nice and intimate...shit I cant complain, I had free drinks all night. :)
A lot of good people came through to show love.
I took a shit load of pics...but my blog is at 80% upload capacity already...(the limit is 1028mb...if that means anything to you) I need some hosting and I cant go crazy on the pics too often. lol

Ummm, here are my fave pics...

Below: Kim Davis and Dj Lissa Monet

Taj of Maxamus Ent

Miss Brazil and I

Kim Davis and Johnny Rox


Gav...and a victim

Shannon's strange...


Ashley, on the mic...all she did all night was whyle out and screen in patoia! lol. You kill me.

J Diggz

Tse and Lee

Addy Boy


Lil X and Lola

Masters, Winny and Bishop

Jenny and Criso

Nicholas and Niko

Its not what it looks like, I swear! I was supposed to have a picture with Nebby in the hallway so we could get the full body 'booty' shot, and then Lola jumps in and is like, I want a booty shot. I turn away for a quick second and Lola's ass is in my lap...and Im like...Lets do this, this would sure add some fuckin humor to the picture. lol...cuz you can tell, Lola aint really dancing on me...she's like my fuckin sister, that would just be plain weird...
Lets hope this picture doesnt taint my

I let them do all the lesbian booty shots on their

Sarah and Shawna

Nebby took this picture I swear it! lol

FiveStarr and I


Anonymous said...

The "victim" was Andrea Lewis from Degrassi, no?

undefinable said...

Ain't that Hazel from Degrassi? What eva happened to her on the show

hustleGRL said...

Yeah thats chicka from degrassi.
Lol at all the booty shot.