Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, I am offering Free Photoshoots


I have a lot of cool material to post up but I havent had time to put it all together yet. So please be patient for the time being.

I will post what I look for in a woman soon enough
I also recorded 2 really cool videos today that I wanted to post, Im just waiting on the last scenes so I can edit it. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

Fresh, Melanie and I met up tonight to talk some business and plot out our plans for the new year. Melanie is a make-up artist that will be working with me for most of my photo shoots from here on.
We spent the last 4 hours at the coffee shop just planning and discussing ideas.

Fresh and I were thinking in the car...
Our team is all about showing love where its due. The scene in Toronto is small but hungry.
How do we put money into everyone's hands?
How do we help?
How do we build a stronger and tightly knit city?
How do we show love?
How do we say thank you?
What we're planning to do is to showcase a different individual each month. So if you're a rapper, singer, producer, model, stylist, designer, artist...whatever the crack, holla at me.
The team and I will choose a person every month, starting February.
Ill give you a free photoshoot in the studio, and Fresh will style you.
And of course Ill also blog you with a lil blurb about u.
This is our way of saying thanks for all the love and support through the past few months.
We're not out here trying to be greedy or anything, theres enough shine for all of us.
We just want to put everybody on...


We're mobilizing a new movement for the new year.
Who's in?

There is no criteria to what qualifies you for the shoot and promo...the only criteria is to stand out amongst the other people who are submitting their work or write up.

Just hit me up at william_nguyen85@hotmail.com or on facebook. Send me some work, or a link to it. Tell us a little about yourselves and what you're trying to achieve and how you plan to help the movement....or whatever you think would be interesting for us to know.

And to feed your curiosity, another event is in the works, its just hard finding a date that can accommodate all of our busy individual schedules and find a venue that's available on the day we choose.

Fresh and I cooked up a few more ideas, but you'll have to wait for them to unfold. I cant be spoiling everything now. If these plans are executed properly and as well as planned...shits about to get really serious in the Dot. We're willing to work ourselves to complete exhaustion...

All you need to succeed in this lifetime is a little WILL POWER. (no pun intended. lol)

Its 440am now, I gotta get to sleep, Im trying to wake up early enough to visit my old high school tomorrow, York Memorial C.I. and hail up my old teacher, Ms. Turner. I just always like going back to visit because I like helping the kids and talking to them about opportunities and how a kid from the same block could find happiness, money and relative stability doing exactly what he loves.

Well lets just hope the news was wrong about the snowstorm thats supposed to hit...or else Ill be at home all day shoveling and blogging...fuckin a

Im dozing off right now...

Ill see you guys tomorrow, sorry I didnt post more tonight, Ive been out ALL day.


Sang Frais said...

That's really cool what you guys are planning to do for the people in your city. Wish is was livin in T.Dot to get that free photoshoot,lol. I love how you guys are always trying to keep the city together and what not. Makes me wish we had people like you in my area. If you don't do a certain type of music around here then no one shows you any type of love or support which sucks ass. I pretty much gotta leave like Cudi did to get noticed.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're home shovelling cause that bitch ass storm hit! *sigh

AnitaH SparkZ said...

Hey its your new friend AnitaH SparkZ.....

I just read your blog and I think that is a really BLESSED Idea and on the real I don't know much people who are willing to do things for FREE now a days...so BIG UP you & your home girl for the new approach!!!

BTW I wanted to ask ya'll if you were willing to photograph kids...
Because I've been meaning to get professional pictures done of my daughter....(and I'm not talking about Sears Pics lol)

I'm not putting her in commercials or nothing...although I've gotten a few offers.....But I would really Love to have pics of her that are on the artistic tip......

I'm not sure if ya'll are down for that but please let me know!
She is BEAUTIFUL! (and I'm not just saying it cuz I'm her Mom...
She really is!)

If your down to consider a child....Give me the word & I will send her pics!


p.s. Where's your studio???

Anonymous said...

just to let you know thats not the dklla version of circulate you posted....thats 9th wonder.

Lyve said...

big chune!!! im a huge Jay Dee fan, and by all means he flipped the sample more creatively but...9th takes the cake on this one. good post!

and yo, i caught your cameo in the Tona vid homie...MAJOR!!!! DIRECT DEPOSIT March 09!!!


Chilly Willy said...

yea, I like the 9th wonder version a lot.

and you saw me in the Tona video already! I havent seen that video yet!!!

Imma have to hit him up! He's holding out on me! lol

The studio is at Remix, I havent started doing baby shoots yet, but Ill let you know as soon as Im ready too.

1 Luv T.O.

Chilly Willy said...

and yea my ass is at home...I didnt even wake up...I dreamed there was a storm...so I just kept my ass in bed. lol

dreamteam89 said...

Will, your're an inspiring dude.