Monday, January 5, 2009

My Uncle From France

Above is a picture of my mom's husband, my mom, my uncle (my dad's older brother) and my chubby cheeked self at Pho Phuong on Dundas, east of Brock.

We woke up early today and spent the whole day sight seeing downtown and taking pics. He's spent the last month at my dad's house, and is staying at mine's now for the next two weeks. My uncle lives in the south end of France in a town near Cannes.
He actually looks nothing like my dad cant even see my dad looking slightly like that at 61 either. Ill post a pic of my pops for you guys one of these days...whenever I find a recent one...
Im not going to post all of my fam pics from today

But yes, that is my mom, most people think she's my sister...or they think Im her's 42 but doesnt look a day over 28. lol.

Trust me, Ive always gotten those...'so when am I coming over for dinner?' type comments growing up.

Yea, this is what I ordered...Its called the 5 color rice platter...thats a direct Vietnamese translation...I dont know what its really called in English...I just ordered it in Vietnamese. lol


Gorgeous Lynette said...

awww! Your mom is really pretty! And is your uncle from Midi by any chance? Anyways, your uncle is kinda cute for 61(I think old people are cute..not sexually cute, but new born baby cute.) and your mom is really pretty. Was she ever a model?

Anonymous said...

Your mom is very pretty Will!

hustleGRL said...

Your mom is so hot Will.

narrylikes said...

haha you're hilarious!