Tuesday, December 9, 2008




Janine said...

Canadian money is so colorful!

Nebby said...

first cut the nails off

Anonymous said...

Oooh pretty colors...our American money sucks!

THATgirl said...

Hello again Will,
it's THATgirl with more questions about the opposite sex from your point of view. How do you know when he is trying to pursue you? Here is a scenario for example:
I met a guy at a mutual friend's get together. He was very polite and nice and it turned out that he was moving into a place about 10 mins away from me. He said about three times that night that "Maybe we will bump into each other" or "Maybe I'll see you" type phrases. Anywho, we found each other on facebook and i sent him a message because it turned out that I had to drop off something that I couldn't give to our mutual friend (she lives farther away). So he offered to come by to pick it up and we talked for a short while, nothing long. But he asked if I was going to our mutual friend's Christmas get-together. Also, he mentioned multiple times during the convo that he lives really close, closer than he thought...and right before we departed our ways, he said to hit him up since he's so close.

I'm not completely stupid when it comes to guys, but I have encountered so many where I have gotten mixed signals or I have mixed the signals up.

So what do you think he's trying to do? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he is genuinely a nice guy (and multiple people have told me that). So is he just being is usual nice guy self or is he somewhat interested in me?


Burna said...

i feel you on that..canadian money looks dope compared to the dollar

Ameena Ashley said...


that money does look pretty cool