Sunday, December 21, 2008


The picture above is done by my home girl, Karla aka HustleGRL, the 16 year old wonder who cakes heavier than most bakers.

I didnt ask for it, she juss did this by herself! lol I swear.

Anyways, Im uber sorry for the lack of posts in the last while...Ive been so busy working and just keeping distracted.

I havent been sleeping well and have been having bad dreams...but I wont discuss the details. It usually puts me in quite sour moods when I wake...

I have been quite happy and finally found some sort of peace within the last few days. Ive been blessed with the humor and enjoyment of both new and old company. Ive been enjoying myself a lil too much the past few days to really sit down and be emotional, insightful and isolate myself to just write.

Sorry to my readers, if you've felt neglected. Hope y'all understand.

Ive been wanting to blog about a few things but havent had the time my computer is fuct up and keeps shutting off on me so I just wanna choke someone! (not literally)

Ok, lets do some updates...

First, my pants were way too tight yesterday and it made my back fuckin hurt...the next size was too big and there was no in between...never again will i wear pants so fuckin tight that it makes me I know how women feel...I had a nice fuckin equator mark running around my waist when I took off my pants...I feel sorry for women now. lol
There were so fucking tight that the seems at my crotch were like fuckin squeezing my sack of i just felt them choking. lmfao. Sorry if that was too vivid. lol
Dont worry, Im still finding a way where I can have labor for you guys

Secondly, Seven, Vince, Moe, Dame (maybe) and I will be heading out to Manhattan on December the 28th (one week from today), until Dec 30th (a Tuesday)
We're heading up there for no reason.
Im too broke to shop...but we'll see how I feel when I get there.
We're gonna try to make it a real ghetto roadtrip...we'll prolly rent a hummer. So thats 5 of us...we'll drive for 9 hours to NYC, taking pics and videos along the way, we'll prolly be real ghetto and cheap and rent one room with one bed and just all sleep on the floor...with our backs facing eachother...lmfao!
We'll spend Monday wandering, taking pics and recording more videos. Depending on how much we spend on Monday, we may or may not have a place to sleep...hence where the hummer comes in. lol. I mean we all have money to get another day at the hotel, but it might be funnier for blog and video sake if we didnt, and it would make things much more memorable that way.
Life is a movie right?
Then we'll leave Tuesday morning.
So expect some good video footage come Tuesday Night or Wednesday morning, cuz the lord knows I wont sleep until that shit is done.
If anyone has any ideas to what the boys and I should visit and or do...leave me a comment.

Vince and Seven are reaching my crib in a bit, and we're heading out to wal-mart to buy some stuff but also to record us doing absolutely stupid things. I dont know maybe we'll ride a bike around the store and whop shit around.
That vid will be up later on tonight. (and to the commenter that asked what program I used to edit videos, its just Windows Movie Maker...nothing special...)

Ive spent 3 hours total in the past 2 days outside shovelling.
No fuckin joke.

Wow...Am I boring you yet?


Im gonna go work on an emo post now...

PS. I will be writing a year in review post and my new years resolution shortly...Remix is closed for the next two weeks so...hopefully Ill be able to blog a lot more and record a lot more vids.

PSS. The vid from tonight should be up in another few hours.


Anonymous said...

glad your back will, i've been missing your posts lately! cant wait for the year in review im interested to read it.. what are your plans for new years? will u be in toronto

hustleGRL said...

Nice mixtape cover there Willy boo ;]. Sounds like y'all will have fun in NY and fuuuuuck its cold outside, i gtg to the gym later on and im scared to step outside :[

The Definition said...

Damn Will, you sure you didn't pick up lady pants? lol. I have missed your posts, but I'm glad to hear you've been having some goodtimes [sans bad dreams]. Reading that you're okay is always better than reading that you're in a slump. Happy Holidays and ish.......oNe

D said...

SO your the one who your friend Neb was talking about on her blog with the pants? Ha funny...

But yea...Even tho its only been a few days since you posted its seemed so much longer. I guess cause I check all the time for

Looking forward to some new ish..

Peace ma dude!

CeleBritney said...

lmaooo @ that pic.. Thats funnY