Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hell fuckin yea!
The Dark Knight drops tmr...or today...depending on when you read this...BUY IT!!!
This was only the single most greatest fuckin movie of all time...
I saw this movie 3 times in theatres and I was in a fuckin trance everytime...

The motorcycle vs. truck scene is fuckin intense as hell, I was clapping and cheering and shit!
Anyone whose seen this movie knows wassup.

The greatest thing about this movie is how real it feels. Although its fictional (well at least we think it is), it feels like it could have happened in real life. The fiction...doesnt seem very fictional.

I can go on and on...we all know how much Batman is the fuckin man (pause) in my world...so anyhow, go cop it, rent it, steal it...whatever...just frickin watch it, and holla at me when you're done and tell me what you think...if you think it sucks...you need to re-evaluate your taste...lmfao! i kid...but I havent heard one bad thing.

And Heath Ledger is a fuckin gangster in this movie!

Forget all the other comic book franchises, this is the greatest shit in the wholest widest world!
You can bet your sweet asses that Ill be one of the first people to own this movie tomorrow morning...yea thats right...Ill even get the limited edition...yea...Ill even take a picture to prove it. lol

ps. sorry if i was swearing a lot in this post...I get really amped when its Batman...lmao...and no I do not have batmobile shaped bed and posters all over my wall and figurines all over my desk and Batman pajamas, nor slippers...


although I like to dream that I am...

and if anyone is wondering what to buy me for christmas...Im down with the Batman: The Animated Series box set...Im juss saying...but can you get me the box set with all the seasons together (as opposed to the individual seasons)...its cheaper and the casing is metallic...metallic is cool. lmfao!!!

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Burna said...

you gotta watch it on blu-ray, the quality jus makes it that much better...trust me on that one