Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Sorry, I couldnt find a happier feeling

(The staircase just kinda makes me thinks of all the steps Ive taken to get to where I was grimey, rusty and steep, but the view is great from where Im standing....The fact that the first couple of steps of this picture are in focus and that the rest arent, means something to me.)

I kinda like the mood that Im in, even though it isnt great.
But I like it because it reminds me of how real I am at the end of the day, that Im still vulnerable to my emotions and feelings.
That I dont live in a perfect life...

But it does let me appreciate whatever it is I do have.

For anyone who is in their favorite knit sweater tonight, cuddled by a fire place with a loved one, sipping hot chocolate, singing songs inside a warm, decorated house, watching holiday specials and playing games with family members, consider yourself extremely lucky.

I cant recall such memories...
Consider yourselves blessed.
You dont know what you got til its gone...

Im going to write a post to recap my year really soon and maybe write individual thank you's to the people who have made an impact and changed the perspectives of my life in a blog post.
But I will probably do so before I leave to New York City this Sunday.

Well, Im heading up to Brampton to drink with my brother, my cousins and the rest of the Chins.

I wish you all the very best to you and yours.
Eat well, sleep lots and be good!

And to all you guys who are selfishly-generous...dont try to give the gift that keeps on giving huh? Make sure you 'wrap' all your gifts if you know what Im saying! lmfao! Ive been dying to drop that one! lol

*Will tips his hat

Peace and love y'all.

Drive safely out there...
And dont forget to leave the milk and cookies out for Santa.

Ps. To everyone who is probably expecting a gift from me...IM SO FUCKIN BROKE!
I didnt buy anyone anything...not even myself...I swear!
No hard feelings...? But I do have some coupons for y'all, for a year supply of hugs and high fives! lol...i fuckin slay myself.


D said...

Hmm..def not doing nething with the fam. Wish I was. Moms is cooking and I'm watching Ice Age 2 and The Grinch. Fun times round these parts yeah!!

Happy Holidays! Get fat and be merry!



The Definition said...

This my first Christmas alone. So far I'm dealing. If you're home you can drop me a line, we can keep eachother company lol jk. On a serious note though I'd like to thank you Will. Reading your blog helped me get through a rough break up. Through giving my opinions and advice to you I was able to help myself. So thanks dude. I wish you Happy Holidays and may you be blessed with all your heart desires............oNe

The Def

ps. bryan is right about us being children in transition. i also believe that life is about evolution, and even though you continue to evolve there is always a part of what you once were inside of you. so whatever happiness you felt as a child is still there, just a thought away. i see that in you, lol just look at the videos you post with your friends.

vee said...

LMAO, your coupons are bombb !
have a safe trip :)