Thursday, December 18, 2008



Um, we got really bored...all the events in this video took place from 1am-4am...

Its uber long, like 6 minutes long.
Its a good laugh if your familiar with Vince, Seven and I...and a bit boring if you dont.
This video is going to be great when we watch it again years from now.

Its long, but I thought there were too many golden moments to cut out.

To the miss who was feeling a bit cruddy last nite...ur rough day inspired me to do some complete nonsense. lol. Hopefully today is better than yesterday. :)

Enjoy this...if you will.

The best part is at the end...well if it aint funny, it sure is stupid! Im damn proud to be a part of it!


seven said...


next time i'll do snow angels.


vince"the barber"garcia said...

LMAO....ahahah that was fuckin JOKES....tune in nexxt time ppls for another episode of LOSTINTHEWILDERNESS....

"VICTORY" ahahahah classic

Cass said...

You guys are hilarious! Lol
Crazyyyy... but hilarious! So random, i loved it!

his cousin said...

lolz top down in the winter time haahh big pimpin!!! lolz only at 3 in the morning hahah

i like it lolz

J. said...

hehe that snow jump was epic. And not that throwback Frou Frou(or was that Imogen Heap? anywho...). And why am I listening to the same freaking Bossa Nova song? I don't know if you were joking by listening to it, but that is ma'fuggin weird any way you slice it. lol

oh and PLEASE tell me, what kind of editing program you use? And please tell me it's FREE. lol


be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

i fuckin love you guys.

Nice hats fellas. holding that LL shit down. Good lookin' out.

The Definition said...

Its late and I just watched this video. Literally fell out of my chair laughing at your FOB accent. LMAO, yall are a buncha goof troops. I'm extra jealous that it snowed that much where you live. I'm in the A and its been frick'n 75 degrees all week, that's not winter weather! Winter is my fav season. Can we trade? lol

D said...

Yea I def. watched this last nite as well and when I tell you I was dying..I mean dying! And your little accent hil-a-rious! It was funny when your like we just eat some pho and talk into the camera about... stuff. I was talking to a friend of mine who has been trying to find some good pho and hasnt been able to. Too bad she cant go get some at 3 am like you.

And again the snow! Not fair. If I see one more drop of rain... I'm going to scream. Like seriously can I get some snow in my life! I'm about to have antoher residence somewhere during the winter so I can b guarnteed snow! Geez..