Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Update

First of all, I have read the comments about me dropping the soundtrack to my life.
Im working on it. Im actually compiling a crap load of songs and making an actual play list for you guys to download from the blog and burn on a cd...I copied the idea from Bryan on the Legends League.
So Ill get to that soon enough, Ill just need some patience while trying to accumulate all these tracks.

Secondly I have photos of Gavin on set for the Marc Ecko Watches commercial, Im going to post the pics tmr probably, too tired tonight.

Thirdly, I just finished a whole bag of white chocolate Maltesers. I am so anti- Sober 165 (lol) and organic chips are awesome! lol

Fourthly that a word? Im not selling my camera at this point...I just realized Im Yea, JUST realized. lol. The next camera Im planning on getting is almost 4 times the worth of what Ill be able to sell my current camera Im gonna have to run a few bake sales first. So sorry to anyone who msged me regarding it.

Fifthly...? Ive been receiving a ton of emails and msgs on my facebook, and I want to apologize if I havent been able to keep up with responding. I will get around to everyone but the sudden influx has been a bit overwhelming. lol. Not being cocky at all here, its mad flattering, just once again, this is just a lot more than Im used to, so please be a bit patient with me. I will get to you.

Sixthly, to anyone whose been asking me what blogs I ever read, theres only 3...

the legends league
the hundreds
shaking shit up

I also read Ye's blog...but Im sure you guys are all over that already.

The last two are photography based on blogs, which are my absolute faves. Bobby Hundreds and Sean (shaking shit up) are on some shit...tryna step up my photography game, hence the camera and equipment upgrade. Everything just looks so much better when framed. There's something that I love about everyday activities; that the most simplistic and basic actions can be artistic and cool. Ive yet to learn how to capture art as well as those two.

Umm other than that...thats pretty much it.

So Im just gonna go take a piss, brush my teeth, change my clothes, put some socks on, tuck myself in, turn on my reading lamp and read some Calvin and Hobbes til I fall asleep...

Im still a kid at heart...:)


Miss Bang said...

haha couldn't help but notice most of your posts are in the a.m.'s... best time to think is when the city is asleep (or at least that's how it is cause we're in toronto)

Anonymous said...

I have a whole series of calvin and hobbs books from wen i was a kid and I still read them in the papers too!

Sean said...

yo appreciate the plug will...add me on the bbm dawg im bout to make my way to tdot soon to see some old homies


Anonymous said...

it's interesting that you don't read octobersveryown. i read it almost everyday and then i would normally see your link on the side of the home page and then read your blog after. but i just realized that your link isn't their anymore...

Anonymous said...

You ate the bag that i left there didn't you?!?!