Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BLACKBERRYs vs. iPhones

First of all, I think Im gonna go fix my 7th meal of the

Too bad eating isnt a qualification you could put on your

"How would you benefit our company?"
"Well, I would be a great employee because Im a really good problem solver. For example, whenever Im hungry, I am always able to find something to eat..."

(awkward silence)

Seven says, if I continue eating at this rate, I could be a plus size model for men...thanks asshole.

Ok, on to the topic at hand.
I wanted to talk to you about blackberrys and iPhones.
Of course this review will be extremely bias since I own a expect no equality or accuracy or even any legitimacy in the words that I type.

I woulda posted a pic of someone holding an iPhone...except...I dont know anyone who owns an iPhone who is proud enough to have a picture taken with
People who have iPhones are like people who are sleeping with ugly hoes and deny all accusations about their (im exaggerating)

Ok, lets list reasons why Blackberrys are the fuckin shit!

1) BLACKBERRY MESSENGER - its basically like MSN...except a kajillion times better. Imagine, super fast msging. It tells you if the msg you sent was delivered, and if the other person has read it. You can send voice clips and can have conferences, and it has buttons (excluding the Storm) and you can type without looking...(well at least I can). You will never feel lonely with BBM. Its a good way to chop girls? "Yo shawty, whats your PIN like? Can I PIN you sometime?"

PIN is the code number assigned to your individusal phone for BBM, in case someone didnt know. Msging someone on BBM is called PINNING. lol. Thats the lingo.

umm...thats the only and best thing about BBs

Bad things about BBs?

1) IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! you know how many ppl get into car accidents, walk into trees, spill food, break up with their bf/gfs, dont dance at clubs...become zombies?
...I cant even live without the BB...whenever my BB's broke down or I lost it, I felt super life wasnt worth living anymore.
It aint called a crackberry for no reason...
Like I usually rush off phone conversations because I know 10 ppl musta PINNED me while I was on the phone, and when I get off theres like a dozen BBM notification chimes.
Anyone who has a BB feels the same way.
Text msgs are totally wack to me now cuz theyre so slow and they dont deliver in the same orders...bah.

ok...on to iPhones...lets discuss why iPhones are cool.


very well then...

lets discuss their bad points...

1) they suck? are you just gonna surf the internet all day? play music and video games all day?
and get greasy finger marks on ur screen and put it against ur face?

I mean you can do all those things on BB too...and you get BBM!!!

You cant really chill at a club holding your iPhone and look like you're cool. Because you're probably doing 'isolated' type if your texting, youre probably sitting there for awhile waiting for your text to go through and then waiting for them to respond...
or playing stupid videos...we all know you aint least if you're sitting alone and being anti social or standing by yourself, at least be communicating with someone in the cyber world. Or make it look like your dealing with some business with someone on the other side. lol

Blackberrys are the international standard for coolness. lmao...
(how bias am I huh?)


This post is boring me now...and I wanna eat again...

BB rocks, iPhones suck...

I know so many ppl who have sold their iPhones and are getting BBs now...saying Im bored...

I should get a fuckin sponsorship from BB for this post...fuckin a.

Trust me, get a BB and your life will change! I guarantee it!!! Please, anyone who has a BB, please say something so the non BB users can understand the power of the BB!

Get a Blackberry and step into the darkside.... >:-)

anyways...Imma go make me some grub.

ps. i aint really hating on ppl with iPhones...or people that dont have a BB or an iPhone...Im juss being a dorkface. We all look for different things in our functions...this post is for anyone who got an iPhone for to be you...unless you know no one with a BB, then get an iPhone, because BBM serves no purpose if you have no one to PIN. *will shrugs


Soulo said...

BB has changed my life tremendously, in good ways and in bad, but mostly good. BBM is the TRUTH!! Its a secret society, I personally hate having to text message (some ppl have to step their game Everyone I know that is hating on BB's now also want one. I'm also commenting this blog post on my BB right now. I have also converted a lot of ppl to the "dark side" its what BB owners do.

Anonymous said...

I have a BB Bold and I love it! The best thing ever invented and I agree...iPhones suck.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes I'm commenting from my BB!!! Iphone's aint shit!!!! This post is the truth! I can dig itttttttttt. And yeah I'm about to get me some grub too. If I ever feel like I'm getting to be a candidate for a supersized model, I am taking you to the gym wit me Will! Lol!!

seven said...

you slay me will!

this post is one of the funniest i've read!!!
but yo stop eating man, you'll be fat and be crampin' my style soon!

BBs ruined my life... i wish i got an iPhone.......... n o t !

msTEASEa said...

So I had my bberry for almost a year without the data plan i.e no email, no bbm basically had nothing that the bberry offers. So NOW I recently just added it and its more attatched to my hand than ever. I feel once i start adding more people into my bbm I'm going to be more accessible than ever. Question is: Have we become a society that constantly wants or needs to be reached? It's nice to easily get a hold of people but sometimes, some people just don't want to be reached.
youre expected to always respond on bbm and if you don't respond it's like WTF, she checked my message...why didn't she respond back.
Also, having a blackberry ruins the Social atmosphere! There have been so many times where I'll be out for dinner and I'll pick up my phone after receiving a msg and my friends will get annoyed and say "Who are you texting and stop texting" I've realized how rude I'm being and i've tried to not check my phone at dinner or out with people.People notice these things. Picture this: Pretty soon if everyone in a groups gets a blackberry no one will be talking to eachother, we'll all be focused on phone & 'pinning' other people.

My point is the world is getting smaller and smaller. lols

On a side note: I'm pretty sure you did not offend anyone in this post. There are some pretty die hard apple fans. You did a good job trying not to offend anyone!

Chilly Willy said...

no no, i agree completely.
enough times im out with my friends and all we do is BBM other ppl.

Id be at a theater and PINNING other people.

Its a bad thing, but I think we all get used to it.

But its always about balance. It awesome when your alone...and debatable with company.
But its nice when youre with company and youre bored...

the world has become very small and connected...cyber-wise...but lets hope this doesnt get too

Anonymous said...

I had a treo for about a year. I thought I was pretty much in love with it until I started realizing how spiffy the BB was.

So I decided to ordered it. So on October 17th 2008(yep i remember the exact date) my BLACKBERRY ARRIVED and I have been inseparable from my bb ever since.

I started utilizing the BBM and I LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it so much! Most of my friends own a blackberry so I pin more then text now. Now I ask all my friends the question "whats your pin!?!?" lmao. Its awful.

I kinda regret getting the BB because I have kinda become obsessed with it. Like too obsessed.


iphones DO suck. Like, seriously, you can't be cool with an iphone anymore. You drop your iphone once and its a WRAP! You can't even copy and paste! wtf??

I smirk at ppl with iphones. lol

Anonymous said...


I agree. Prime example, me and a friend of mine went to have dinner.

We both have blackberries.....

and we both are very much connected.....

Do you know that the ENITRE TIME at dinner we didnt speak a word(not literally, but u get my point). We bbm'ed friends and even started another bbm and invited a friend to join the bbm convo. SMH.

we also shared tips on how to use certain bb features better and blah blah blah blah blah...

but what makes it so sad, is that it didnt bother us that we werent talking as much. It was like it was normal. Neither of us were bored, or irritated or anything.

I was also just at a gathering and everyone had bb's and EVERYONE was on them textin or bbm'in the entire time..its funny but kinda crazy at the same time.

T-Love said...

i totally love the fact that you have all these testimonials.. lol.. yes i must agree tho, i don't even know what i did before my bb... like you can't totally understand the attachment unless you've experienced it ... its mind blowing,like it has taught me to do tasks "single handedly" bb in the right tasking it with the left .. thats assisted in my ambidextrous-ness lol. But Will you said it right , i get vexed when i get a text msg ... like WHAT ARE YOU DOING! BBM is the only way !... And when ppl that your around don't have a bb they just don't understand why your always on it ...shame!.. so the iphone hmmm!... bb for life!... its like a child.. you can't never Leave it at home or loose it !.. you just Cant!! lol


T-Maine said...

They're both good and bad in their own ways.

too FULLY get all you can out of an iPhone, you have to JAILBREAK that bitch. Then you will truly enjoy it and always find something new you can add to it, LITERALLY everyday. Don't hate if you haven't experienced an iPhone.

This goes out to all the iPhone users, like I said, If you haven't JAILBROKEN your iPhone, and it still looks like that same STOCK crap when you took it out the box. Im afraid your wack, lol.

Blackberries.....meh, Im bored of them. Have you ever been pinned and you knew the person pinning you didn't really know how to use a blackberry yet? Or rather....they didn't have all the fundamentals of BB Messenger down? Meaning, they didn't know that an "R" beside the msg meant you read it, LOL.

You don't msg them back for a good couple hrs....and be like, I just read your message when they're cussin you out. LOL

Or its someone whose blackberry savey, your pin msgs open automatically when you take your Berry out the pouch and your like SHIT!! I don't wanna talk to this person, they never stop. Regardless of what I tell them I'm doing..... -_-"

In conclusion............BOTH users are missing out if you don't know how 2 properly HACK your phone to make it do what you want it too.

And since I know how too do it for both, Im BORED of both. I need new phones

Anonymous said...

u make sense t-maine

Anonymous said...

Ping me lol bb are ill nanana iphones purely suck !! How do you serious look cool with an iphone lol? Bb for life .my bbm is going bananas adios lol :)

D said...

"Yo shawty, whats your PIN like? Can I PIN you sometime?" Ha..

So I've come to the conclusion that I'm not using my BB to its full capabilities. I'm a txter. And I'm fine with that. I think what it is none of my peoples have BB they were all in a gay ass sidekick mode and have since moved onto other things... that are still not bb's. So I have not used my whole PIN thingy thus, I dont get why its better than txt. Maybe I need to get some cooler friends.

Am I really missing out on something with this PIN thing??

But for the record: Nething is better than the iphone. The are so lame!

his cousin said...

Man fuck that shit, i have an iphone n my phone is the shit but i ain't gonna lie the only thing it lacks from bb is the bbm so i've decided to get a bb for that purpose only, the curve 8900 to be exact lolz but i still love my iphone :)

Sean said...

great post homy...let me get on this story tellin shit..

erytime i go to my moms, before i leave she calls me like could you leave that dang phone at home!..i stay on the berryy..

Anonymous said...

I've had a Blackberry for the past four years, I can not live w/o it.
I'm constantly on Blackberry Messenger that I do actually leave my phone in a ziplock and pin while I shower (I know you mentioned that in a previous post!). I even have 2 sets of chargers and carry one in my purse just incase.

As attached as I am to my Blackberry, the only issue I have is seeing people in social settings on their Blackberry throughout the whole night - and I mean, WHOLE night. It's so isolating... don't bother going out if you're gonna be pinning someone else constantly.


Anonymous said...

BB is the TRUTH!!! I can't ever go back to any other phone, it's merely impossible. It sucks cause it has taken over my life, its so hard to pay attention to lectures in class. *sigh... even when im sitting in group assignments its hard for me to put it away. I try to sleep on time but that double vibrate always gets me when someone is bbm me. It's ruined my life forever, even when i go to clubs, you'll catch me on my bb. A lot of times im on your blog while in clubs, lol. It sucks having to have a bb with amazing internet service and having a lot to read on Will's blog, it sure does occupy my time. I love my bb, he even has a name, lol... im on it so much my girls named it Tyrone for me, we can never seperate... EVER! Anyways, Tyrone is vibrating now... gotta go ;)

Anonymous said...

awe u gonna diss the iphone like that??? Man I read ur blogs all the time and this is what I get??? Yea I have an iphone and I guess it's the shit depending on where u live cuz down here In new Orleans, u rarely catch ppl with bbs (not offense). But hey, to each it's own I guess but I do love my iphone!

jaey said...

well on one end im happy cuz i do have a blackberry but then......ur right, it does suck if ur the only one that has and have no one to pin :( .....somebody care to share theirz? lol

undefinable said...

my iPhone rules....I have it cracked for Tmobile so i only pay $5.99 for internet service unlike the BB i would have to pay an extra $30. Plus they is so such shit u can do with the iPhone. If you jailbreak the iPhone you can add so much stuff, even cracked apps. Love my iPhone.

Crystal said...

Did you set up your email accts yet? Probably not! Geeze Will, try using that thing for something other than pinning.

And in regards to new years resolutions mine kinda coinsides with this post...

I'm going to try and not pin people who are not already in the room at an event or function that I'm at. I noticed that people can stop being involved in the company of the people around them because they're on their berry chatting to someone else. I'm going to try not to do that only if it's absolutely necessary (ex: I'm in a club and I'm looking for someone).

Think about new many of you were conversing will other people telling them "Happy New Year" while totally ignoring everyone else (because they were probably doing the same thing).

Technology is a hell of a thing.

Good post Will...even though it's biased. lol

ackee said...

I had a moto Q as my first smart phone (I know, wack, right? lol) and my friend at telus kept trying to get me to buy a blackberry (one of the older models) because it was the best smart phone blah blah blah but I insisted on getting the Q which was aight, til i lost it and then got an HTC touch and I hated it; straight up TRASH. so I decided to give into buying a blackberry curve rather than anything else this time around and i'm in love. i feel like i'm learning new things everyday (side note: just learned that the mute button on the top of the phone put the phone on standby mode when held for a few seconds which is waaaaay better than locking it). i use bbm a bit but not ridiculously probably cuz i dont have a lot of people to talk to since most of my friends with a BB dont have data plans.

i almost bought out the 2 years remaining on my telus contract to get a rogers iphone and im so happy i didn't because i'm so in love with my pinkberry!

(ps, i just learned how to make the green flashing light stop flashing all the time too!)

D said...

Jaey, I wld love to agree that it sucks however, I can't miss something I've never done. As as right now I'm cool with txtn. I'm used to it. But I'm sure once I do start on BBM I will be jus as addicted as everyone here. And then I too can ignore people in social situations! Lol...

Anonymous said...

It really only comes down to preference, one is not better than the other!

the iphone is more for media/fun

blackberry is better for pinning? and what else?

not everyone is constantly being a nerd with the pinnng/texting

HazDaPrince said...

I happen to have an iPhone.

I had the BB Pearl back when they were semi-cool and didnt have any form of a data plan.

Therefore, i can't say BBs are wack, but i can say i love my iPhone. lol.

Pointless comment, but iPhone hate is also pointless. Get the phone you like and use it... the end.