Saturday, December 27, 2008


"Blame it the goose, gotcha feelin' loose
Blame it on petrone, gotcha in the zone


Blame it on vodka, blame it on the henny,
Blame it on the blue top, gotcha feelin dizzy."

I wont even front and let you wait til you get to the end of the post to see pics of me drunk. I was fuckin wasted out of my fuckin mind last night! SO FAR GONE!
Its nice being a photographer...I just gotta walk around with a cup, and everyone fills up my cup as I make my way around the booths in the club. lol.
I dont even bring money to the club fuckin ever!

The music was probably great, but I have no idea, I was in my own world last night and all I could hear was a high pitch frequency in my brain! lol Fuckin awthomeneth (awesome with a lisp)!

I need to toss out a few thank you's, first to Duane and T-RexXx for throwing an awesome party, to Nadia and Savannah for the company, Gavin, Drex, Azuka, Tyson, Lo, and whoever else that kept filling my cup through the night and almost making me go blind. Nebby for stealing my cup of henny and had me chasing her in circles around the club til I got dizzy and gave up. Lola for looking after me when I was smashed on the couch. Niko for being...lmao! (you know what Im talking about...*pause). T-RexXx for telling everyone I was the coolest photographer ever in the washroom while I was barfing and everyone else was cringing. Jason Johnson for driving me and the girls home in my own car, getting me home at 6am, leaving my car lights, killing my car battery, and leaving only 4kms worth of gas left in the tank (I have a measuring thing in the car that tells me how many kms of gas I have left)...

I yacked twice in the club, and once more in the car...I came home and knocked on and all...oddly only my jeans were off, but my boots were still now Im wondering, did I take off my pants and then put my boots back on for no reason? like a fuckin clown?

*that didnt really happen, but imagine it did? lmao

and here's my new theme song for the club.

Below: Nadia and Savannah, my fave hefty heffers.
Waddup! The best company a drunk donkey could have...thanks for laughing at all my jokes in the car even when they werent funny...

"Can I get yo numbah? Can I have it? Can I? Can I get your digits?"

I dont know the girl in the pic below on the left, but she was actually on my blog on her BB just before I took this picture. Mad love!

Sarah and friend

Safari and Gavin

Waddup Hakeem? (middle)

Kathleen and Eva

Azuka and friend

Safari ruins every good picture...

Auggie and Hektor of Livestock

Taurean of Lounge

Skam and Los of Livestock

Gavin and Lola



I see you in the window, Nadia! lol

In case you think you're aint. Just saying tho. High five? lol

Lissa, Kathleen and friend

Azuka and Coco


Andrew of Roundtable

Mean muggin' as always.

This pic makes me laugh.


Makeeba (left) and friend

Nekita and friend


Ok, Lo. I see you. lol

Lola and Ken Masters

Drizzy's home again.


Matt Babel and Alina


Nadia D and friend

Sarah and 3 glasses of wine???!!! Fuckin G!

I wonder what it said...

Andy of the Segment and Livestock


Skinny Gucci and T-RexXx

Nekita and Sharob

Mr. Knocturnal aka Duane and Lo.

Waddup Harold?!

Look at Sharob's face! Looks like she just wet herself! lmao

Check me out on the left side of the pic! lmao

Ur smashed bro!

Addis and Azuka

Nebby...with that glass of Henny that she took from me. lol

Drex, Shakes and Lo

Crystal and friends

I have no idea who this guy is but his facial expression is pure marvel

Waddup Paul?

Rachel and friend

The other Jason...aka JT


I have no idea whats happening here, but it looks hilarious

lmfao!!! Only I would post a pic of my face looking this stupid! lmao

This picture kills me! i dont even know who these two guys are! lmao

Thanks again for driving again! lol


Future and Ollie

Love ya, Lola! I missed you, glad your back sister bear.


The Definition said...

I hope that isn't "yack" on your shirt. If so, Lola you brave girl for laying on that shit. Lol its so funny how in the middle of the party EVERYBODY is texting. Drinks and Blackberry's all around! Hope you have fun on your trip Will, be safe and be easy......oNe

Chilly Willy said...

no it aint barf, its actually me spilling all my drinks on myself while I was drinking, or ppl pouring liquor straight from the bottom in my mouth and completely missing *no homo. lmao

hustleGRL said...

THis looks like soo muuchh funnnnn. I cant wait till i turn 19. 2 more years and a half! LOL

him too said...

LOL....on a rizzy...awwww fak...

so on a RIZZY!!!!

love you brother.

Bryan be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

lmao @ the pic of you between those two dudes you don't know!!!!

(dope shot of neb and drake brodda)

Anonymous said...

I know those guys. ha!