Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yea! I did it!

There's this line that I always remember in my mind from grade 3.

Ms. Riddols: At what age does a person stop being a child?

I Forgot Who: A person never stops being a child. Regardless of age, a person will always be a child to someone. Because a person will always have a parent.

That line has never left my mind since grade 3...I hear it every once in awhile...

That mini dialogue played in my mind just before I woke up on Sunday. It was 2pm when I woke. I just bolted outta bed, still in my pajamas, ran to my moms room, knocked on the door, she said come in, I ran to the other side of the bed, got under the sheets, and rested my head on her stomach while she was watching TV.

She was like..."What the hell?"
But I mean...I guess, its not everyday that you have your 23 year old son run into your room and lay on you.
You're probably asking...why the hell would I have done that...
I did it because I wanted to remind my mother that as grown as I am, at heart, Im still her baby boy, and she still my mama.
I know my mom always misses her kids being 4 or 5 year olds that only knew how to love their mother and never knew how to talk back, be rebellious, go out all night, dress like hoodlums...I know that she misses hugging us, carrying us in her arms, tickling our bellies and hearing us giggling, holding us in her arms while we count with our fingers or play with our toys, kissing us when we get boo boo's, tucking us in, rockin us to sleep while we had chicken pox and us responding in our naive ways and losing attention in the matter of seconds and asking for help and silly questions every other second.
I can imagine how hard it is for my mom to go from raising all 3 kids, to now only having her oldest at home with her, and Im never home, and she's always home alone...and how lonely it must get and how much she may miss that innocent love we once gave her as children.

That was my lil piece of nostalgia for her.

"Let me take you to a better time, mama."

Im still that same kid with missing front teeth, the bowl -haircut and the rosey cheeks, mama.
Of course it doesnt have the same effect because Im like a foot taller and 50lbs heavier, but I just wanted her to feel that our relationship hasnt completely changed through the years.
Yea, Im a real mama's boy.
After about 5 minutes, she told me to get off her stomach cuz she couldnt breathe, and that I smell and I should go

...Thanks mom for ruining the moment.



Gorgeous Lynette said...

PSH! my mom still makes me kiss her when I go somewhere over night. It's embarassing.

Crystal said...


You're the bomb Will.

Anonymous said...

thats good that you still looking after your mom.
stay up