Sunday, December 14, 2008


Happy Birthday to Tab and Tabby!
Waddup family?!

If some of these faces are familiar to you, it could be for a few reasons. Most of the guys are my high school homies, so you might remember them from the high school post or you may know some of these faces as the members of Baby Boyz the dance group or you may know some of these faces because they danced on BET's Spring Bling's Dance Competition from 2 years ago.

Either way, meet my family.
Big ups to my KLAW (Keele and Lawrence Avenue West) family and my peoples from Amesbury! Bom bom!

I didnt bring my SLR in, so that will explain the lack in quality with the pictures.
If you've never been to Hype (I know its called something else now, but I dont give a "bumba foss cleet!" lol), its basically a club full of Jamaicans (aka the other half of my identity...lmfao).
I loved it cuz I was the only non-Jamaican in the club (besides Christian). lol
It also puts me an advantage, cuz if any girls dig Asian guys, I win by default. Im your only choice ma! lmfao!
I always love being the odd man out. It makes me feel special. lol.
But really, like say you werent asian, would you ever roll into an asian club if you werent with the baddest asians in the club? If you aint with some heavy chins in the spot, people might look at you weird...but if you roll in with some gangsta ass chins, you're safe. You've just been certified and accepted...thats how I feel when I roll through the all black clubs...but maybe thats just me.
I love imagining people saying "I think this Chin is at the wrong party."
And then them seeing me hug up every girl in the spot and giving daps to every dude in the spot...and then them saying to themselves..."shit, this chin knows more ppl in this place than I do!"
lmao...not being cocky at all. Its just a nice feeling to be doubted and then being able to prove them wrong. :)

Hype is also one of those clubs where beef sparks before the night ends or fireworks of sorts will indicate the 'pawtey done' (dont get me wrong, the music is sweet, and its fun esp if you're with your peoples) but somehow, me, the scrawny lil Asian boy ends up dancing at the front of the club in a beater and clickin' mah fingah.'
Amazing right? lol
I concur.
Straight up, clubs get mad hot. Some layers just have to go.
I had about 5 people ask me..."Will, how the hell did you manage to end up in a wife beater at Hype? You're not even in Toronto anymore."

"Im with my peoples." lol
Anytime you roll into a club, and ur with 30 people, you're straight. :) Thats wassup!

Its been a real long time since Ive seen these guys, tonight was a very good night.

Below: Tabby and Tab...they're actually twins...except Tab is 6'7" or some shit and Tabby is like 5'8".

Ok, baller!

Poor Dame, lmao

Antony and I

I see you, Fab.

Tab (aka Big T) and the miss.

Georgia, Tabby and I

Myself, Alyssa and Brandon



Winston (the older brother of Tab and Tabby)

"Shout to man dem from Lawrence Ave and Amesbury."

Its blurry, but I like this picture


Chief and Tabby


I guess someone ISN'T getting lucky

Ok...correct me if Im wrong Tabby, but arent you supposed to get the Bday lapdance? lol jks

Watch Tabby, nuh?!

Me and my other half, my darker half! Pun intended! lmfao!
Fuckin' love you dude, no homo.

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