Friday, December 12, 2008

I woke up early today...

(the picture above has nothing to do with the post...I took this picture at night...way after when the events of this post took place. Downtown Toronto, Yonge St and Queen St.)

I woke up around 12pm this morning without the alarm going off (unless Blackberry messenger notification sounds count), which is 5 hrs earlier than Im used to...

I ran downstairs to the basement, grabbed my Dark Knight DVD, and ran back upstairs.
I knocked on my mom's bedroom door.
I open the door and she's tucked under the blankets watching TV.

She said "What?"
"Goodmorning mom."
"You're leaving now?"
"'re gonna watch a movie today. You'll like this movie."

I turn on the DVD player, put in the disc and hope into bed beside her and tuck myself under the blankets too...

"Geeze, I was watching my show..."
"I know, its ok. Are you complaining about spending mother-son time again?"
"This better be good."

Of course I had to act as her subtitles throughout the whole movie, translating line for line, through each scene of the movie.

You know how parents are...
She laughed at all the really intense action scenes saying
"Pssshhh! Thats so fake, motorcycles cant do that!"
"Thats so fake, you're telling me he jumped off a building and didnt die?"
"Only in movies."

Well duh mom! Can you just suspend all your beliefs for a second and just enjoy the damn thing. My mom was like...

"Im still watching but can you massage my back?"
"Are you gonna watch this or what?"
"What I cant get backrubs and watch movies now?"
"You're gonna fall asleep if I rub your back."
"I wont..."

She smiles....

I rub her back.

She falls asleep...


She wakes up shortly and says, I gotta go cook now. We'll watch this later.
So I follow her downstairs and say

"Lets go to Vaughan Mills." (A mall)
She smiles.
"Really? Are you kidding me?"
"No really, lets go. Go get dressed."
"Why what do you have to get at Vaughan Mills?"
"Nothing, I just wanted to spend sometime with you."

And thats when I expected her to leave run up to me and hug me or say that I was cute or something...instead she played it nonchalant and said

"I think we're outta milk..."



Thats my mom. Of course she went upstairs to get ready and then kept coming out of her room saying, I dont know if I wanna go. But my mom likes to do that, she likes to make ppl make her go. She feels more special when you try...sheesh. lol

So I spent the rest of the afternoon with her at the mall. Vaughan Mills happens to be her favorite mall because its an outlet, but its shitty cuz its half way across the city.

Usually my mom and I split up when we get to the mall and just meet up at a certain time by a certain entrance, but I followed her the whole day and let her shop, patiently.

We drove back to Sauga during rush hour and we quickly headed to Chinatown where we realized we were broke and went through the change compartment counting coins and laughing, while trying to figure out how many baked goodies and desserts we could buy. We sat in the car laughing at eachother for no reason.
We werent really broke, we just didnt wanna break bills.
She goes...

"'s 12 dollars, buy me two sausages and get yourself a dessert."
"is that enough?"
"why wouldnt it be enough?"
"I dont know? But I just gave you all my change, so if its not enough, I have no more money. You sure there's no taxes."
"If there's taxes Ill go cuss them off. Since when do Chinese people charge taxes?"
"Ok...I just dont wanna be the 23 year old guy with the shiny jacket, the new car and shiny shoes who cant afford 2 sausages and a dessert...and have to say 'Hold on a second, let me go get my mom. I need more change.'"
"I know that would be pretty funny."
"Screw that, just come in with me too."
"Just go in Im lazy. I gotta go into the market to buy some vegetables. Your dad (not really my dad, its her husband) is gonna be home from work soon, and poor guys got nothing to eat. Its already so late."
"What you wanna tell me its late now? Why didnt you tell me we were gonna be late BEFORE we went to the mall? Now that you've spent your sweet ass time and shopped til you dropped, you tell me theres no more time?"

We laughed at that too, and she did accompany me into the bakery. We drove home cracked more jokes, she fixed me a quick dinner and I headed off to Remix.

Even the most ordinary moments could end up being extraordinary.
A million and ten other cute mother son moments happened throughout the day, but I think Ill save those in my mind. Some moments are just to good to share.

Today, was a good day.


PS. Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterdays blog about my mom, whether you commented on my blog, email, fb or in person today. It wasnt the easiest thing to write, and I was actually quite nervous to see what the comments would look like throughout the day. Im glad a lotta ppl were able to relate or maybe see a different perspective. As depressing as my posts are sometimes, it is very therapeatic for me. Im glad Ive created a forum that is open enough for me to express my inner most emotions without any feelings of restraint or rejections. Its not as easy to write like this as you think...I sometimes have to think that I really am writing inside a journal/diary...and act as if no one will ever read this but myself...

Thank you again for all your support...I wouldnt be writing if you didnt spare me anytime to read my rants or never left comments.

*Will tips his hat.


D said...

Awww! Mommy and Will time! So much love! Your Mom seems like she'd be hilarious!

Sidenote: I like that pic. When I had my point and shoot my pics of scenes like that never came out right. And that was really annoying. And since I've gotten my first DSLR...nothing has changed. Even tho I havent really tried it out but I'm sure it would still suck...maybe its on the wrong setting. Or maybe its me...havent figured it out yet.

narrylikes said...

i wish you can see how much this made me smile :D