Friday, December 12, 2008

coco & lowe presents: WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE @ C-Lounge

I havent seen Nebby in ages, so she asked me to join her and Shannae tonight for coco and lowe's Dollhouse party.
It was really good bumping into a lot of friends I havent seen in awhile.

I guess this was an industry/ "scene" party...
Here are most of the pics from the evenings event

Shout outs to Nebby and Shannae for an awesome evening, we gotta do this again soon.
Safari (right) and friend

Courtne, Nadia and friend


T-RexXx aka Rasta Claus

No really, there are a lot of bottles on this damn table.

Neeks (middle), Oliver Prince (right) and friend

Sir Lancelot

Ken Masters

Jason and

"Yea, I told you I party with AZUKA, I let them other N$%@&'s Grey Goose ya."

Taj of Maxamus Ent and friend

Gavin Sheppard

Caitlin of the Bossy Girls

Eva, myself and Nadia

Catriona, GetJanet and Shannae

Rockstar Rahmel and Sharab

Whatever it was about, I bet you it was really funny.



J Diggz and his peoples

I have no idea who these guys are, but I had to post this pic cuz they all GUCCI'd out.

Just count how mant bottles there are on the table...and guess whose table this is...come on...just guess. lol

This was totally unplanned...I swear it... lol

Nebby and Future

Lancelot, Addy, Gav and Shakes

Shannae, Mr Warner and GetJanet

I hate how I look in this picture, but its the only pic I have with her. :)

The posing spree begins...

I just love this pic because of how ugly both Nebby and I really...we look so ugly in this pic. lol


Jason's tryna get all involved and shit again...

What santa looks like without a white bear and a jacket...

I dont even know how that bottle got into Gavin's hands. lol

I dont smile because its not cute...ugly faces are ok because at least you know I wasnt trying to look cute. Sometimes failing without trying is better than failing and trying. lol

Tim (DJ Starting from Scratch's manager) and I...looks more like a father and son picture to me. lol

Ok there, miss hot stuff...

They called this the "my bitch" picture...since Jason had to hold all of Janet's


What Women Want said...

Wow... u weren't lyin... this was up in record time! lol

But on the real... it was cool to "Chilly with Willy" - must do again...


Sean said...

ha big Prince..looks dope will

coco said...

Thanks for coming!!! You're pics are amazing!



D said...

Its funny that you mentioned why you dont smile in pics. I noticed that a while ago and was going through these and thinking the same thing. I intended to ask why in my comment until I saw that pic and now...I understand. Well, no I dont...I wish you would! Smiles make the world go round...

And I see that I need to come to TO and party (evn tho I'm not much of a partier, but should I feel like it I want options) cause like your friend Drizzy said "...the club district is poppin like literally every weekend..." Clearly, that is SO true! Cause uh nothing goes on round these parts.

Nebby said...

love em!!! lol @ chilly with willy buwahahahahahahah

GetJanet said...

Willy Will!! I've officially named you the Superblogger as per my last post. Ur the quickest on the planet!! Goodfoot Party next Thursday...yayaayay! xo

Masters said...


Masters said...

Good Times....

Keesha said...

that last one of me and Timmay!?!?!
I apparently fell into a fence and onto the ground without using my hands whatsoever.....
Pictures are worth 1000 words!

Jason R Johnson said...

Damn! you posted this shit real quick.... I don't know if i'm soo excited about that last pic lol

him too said...

just for the record. I am photo will's official photographer. global gav aka picture perfect!

reeeeeesssssspppppeeeeeeccccccctttttt fams.

Burna said...

toronto girls are sooo sexy

UMMMM Naw said...

"I have no idea who these guys are, but I had to post this pic cuz they all GUCCI'd out."

more like wearing too much at one time, terrible..

not dissing you Will.

Anonymous said...

yay! i love the pic u took of me :)
and u have a big ass tattoo holy