Monday, December 1, 2008



Look at what kinda bullshit I found on my hardrive???!!!
This is fuckin hilarious to me!
These pictures are from grade like 2000-2001.
I bought my first computer by myself in grade 10 for like close 2G's with my own money (thats when computers still cost some loot)...and of course I got me a webcam...

Fuckin fantastic right? lol

These pictures are embarrassing and could be quite crippling for my reputation, but I dont give flying donkey. lol I done told you, Im gonna just be completely vulnerable and just be myself. This blog isnt here to impress anybody or prove anything. This is my little place just be me. You're in the WILLderness with me.
If I could laugh at it, so can you. As lame as these pictures of me look, Im sure there are people with much worse grade 10 pictures. lol

Check the stupid baby hair mustache I the upside down swoosh on the headband...and why Im topless??? I guess I thought I was hot shit. lol

Ummm...I guess you could tell I was flexing in the pictures below. lol

Although I looked quite scrawny, physically and health wise, I was probably in the best shape on my life in grade 10. I had abs of steel and better defined arms. I did a crapload of push ups and sit ups a day. I used to have people punch in my stomach in school just to show off...fuckin lame. lol. Im too lazy to work out nowadays...thats why I have distract you. lol Speaking of tatts...Im slacking hardcore...

These were asian spikes...they were the gino spikes...get it right. I was only talking to Italian girls in grade 10. lol

My hair in the picture below is an absolute mess...I have no idea what the fuck happened to it for this picture. lol I cant wait to show my kids these pictures someday. lmao

Yea, J.Lo was the shit. Who didnt have her poster up?

This was me on my GQ days...or my asian mobster all black clothes and leather boots.
And watch the headset in the ear! I was stunting in grade 10!

Wow...and this picture...lmao!!! I wanted to be slick widit and just grow my hair and be all suave. I was all about being a mobster at the beginning of grade the end of grade 10 I was black, which you can tell by the very first picture of this post with me in the grey attire. I think Im fuckin tearing.

There are much more embarrassing pictures that I found but man...I aint that brave to post those bad boys. lol

Anyhow, I was going through some boxes the other day and found a letter/poem that I typed up and printed in October of 2000.
Im actually gonna post that too since it makes sense and its in the same time period as these embarrassing photos.

Now let me warn you, the emotions behind this poem is quite personal and leaves me very very vulnerable because I was really honest with how I felt.
I never sent this letter/poem to the person it was intended for.
I used to write and think in poetry in grade 10...unconsciously...well maybe subconsciously.
I never sent it to her because I thought it woulda been mad lame...but you know what? Who gives a fuck? lol Ill just post it on the blog.
Its really long...thats just how I am though. I like being super thorough. You'll notice the change in moods and emotions too...yea, the love rollercoaster.
She will remain nameless...

But here goes, try not to judge me you assholes!

Why dont you call no more?
I feel so ignored
you say you're no longer mad
then why am i still sad?
Ive already apologized
you've already forgiven
then girl, whats still buggin?
why are we talkin?
I miss your voice
it seems I no longer have that choice
to speak to you anymore
to call you up and have that long lost happiness anymore
do you no longer care
are we still there?
are we gone?
are we done?
have our memories been burned?
have you already turned?
headed the other way with no return?
im sitting here
waiting for the phone to ring
waiting for that happiness that you bring
but you never called
i understand
'that asshole can just leave me and go straight to hell'
will things ever be the same?
for all this shit,
Im to blame
im sorry for what ive done
but i thank you for all the fun
you brought to me.
you let me see.
if you no longer speak
ill just let you be.
Sorry for bothering you
and getting in your way.
Ill just leave you alone.
Without me, you'll probably have a better day.

Why is it so hard for you to believe every word I say?
Have I lied to you yet?
Was it something I said?
Was it something Ive done?
Or is it that you dont trust that face on my head?
The last thing I wanna do is hurt you
Believe me please, Im not lying.
If I am, Im slowly dying.
I never wanna hear you crying.
I only wanna see you smiling.
Because you mean the world to me.
If i never met you, would I ever be this happy?
Probably not.
You've got me.
Im caught.
Got me tangled in knots.
Tied up, stuck and unable to move from this spot.
You've got me saying things that I thought I never could.
I never would.
I still dont even know if I should.

I cannot thank you enough
for all that you've done.
for bringing these smiles to my face.
For the sorrow you've erased.
I thank god for the angel he sent me.
For only she would have saved me.
From my misery.
If she had never found me,
Id still be a mystery.
Unknown and alone.
But shes shown me where I belong
Shes changed me in weird ways
Shes changed my everyday.
She'll deny of course
"I didnt make him do nothing."
Well im pretty sure Im doing this for something.
I just to express my gratitude.
When she speaks,
She puts me in the greatest mood
She completes me.
Shes that special somebody
Ive searched for
In high and low grounds
Yet never found.
Silly, shes an angel.
She lives in the clouds.
If Ive now found her,
does this mean Im in heaven?
Wait, pinch me.
Im still sleeping.
Still dreaming.
Shes too good to be true.
could I ever be so lucky
to ever find someone like that
so suddenly?
so soon?
Shes one of those girls you search for
but never find.
but when you do
its always the worst time
its always too late.
dont argue
theres no time to debate

...this poem was never kinda just ended off there...
its kinda sappy and lame...and hints at
I dont even re-call why I was so sad in the beginning of the poem...and what the hell made me switch my mood to just kissing her feet after. lol
In retrospect, I dont even know why the hell I cared for her...well she was uber hot. Darn those big booty Italian girls.

Theres no real structure to it, the rhyming scheme isnt all that great and neither are my lines.
But whatever. I just write how I think and speak.

That letter/poem was simply me venting and typing every single thought that came to mind.
I have a ton of these unsent letters...
The reason I always wrote out my thoughts was because, like Ive mentioned in earlier posts, I always hoped to one day be famous so I wanted documents and interesting things for people to find when they visited my home after I passed away. Or when like when A&E does their biography specials, they would have a lotta interesting things to read to understand how my mind works. So simply put, Im leaving documents behind to create good material for my documentary.
I always think about great poets and great people in history and how much stuff historians find about them. Like there are books upon books of written material, or unfinished works, stuff thats never been released or published...and I wanted to be like that. I wanted you to think you know me, but you really dont.
That as open as I actually am, you never really knew me.
To be a mystery after I die.

"Exciting discovery, we found new documents about Will's love life. Seems like he was a real renaissance man. In an age of eroding chivalry, one man stood alone in his quest to find true love, and we have his poetry to prove it!"


Hey, laugh at me if you want. Im just tryna make the history books and see if I can become a part of the school curriculum. lol

So far this blog is doing the exact opposite of that plan since Im fuckin exposing everything. There are going to be no more discoveries to may be one boring ass documentary...
But Ive almost come to believe I wont be keeping all this shit wont do me any good.
After Im dead, Im sure all this stuff will just go unread into the shredders. lol
So...if you dont read this now, Im sure no one ever will. lol
But its ok.

Its funny how I read all these old poems/letters and it always sounds like I wrote it in my thoughts, views and mentality has never changed through the years.

Im still that "same ol' G'


its 5:27am...Im off to bed...

ps. lets try to be nice with the comments about the pictures ok? lol
Im feeling kinda sensitive. lmao...sure!


narrylikes said...

respect! i'm hiding pictures from this year. the ones from 2000 do not exist anymore :P

Anonymous said...

i remember i used to do the same things in late middle school, and high school. my writer's craft class really inspired me to write. i even churned out stories based on true stories about guy(s) i liked, had a crush on or broke my young fragile heart (LOL). i look back and it's so funny to me when i read them cuz i was such a sap. i still am in some ways, but sometimes i'm like "maaaaan, i am such a cornball" lol. now i choose to write the stories and poems in my head cuz i'm embarrassed to look back and find them and read them lol.

Candice said...

you are amazing.

Janine said...

I think your poem was sweet. And I did giggle a little at your lil moustache. Not in an "Ha ha...look at his lil moustache" more like an "awwwww...look at his lil moustaaaaache".

Chris' Cousin • TheLegendsLeague • said...

I google searched: bryan's cousin chris.

and I found these photos.