Friday, December 12, 2008


No, its not a real collabo...I just thought it'd make an interesting title. lol

I stopped by Livestock tonight after Remix and before Dollhouse. My homeboy Vince was cutting hair at the shop for Skam and Los. (He's also my barber too. lol)
Vince works in a shop out in Sauga, but if the moneys right, he'll bring the shop to you.

Los Face Killah

Skam, a real OG in the Toronto Hip Hop urban scene...if you dont know really dont know Toronto. One of the city's most legendary grafitti artists.

Redbull gives you wiiiiiings!

Mural by Skam

Skam had a feature in the latest issue of POUND magazine.

In case you cant see the cover, thats actually Landlord's head. lmao. Shout outs to LL.

If anyone needs FREE tickets to the America's Best Dance Crew show at Republik for this Saturday night, holla at me or go grab some from Livestock! All those tickets must go!!!


CeleBritney said...

YAAAY for Neb!!!

Cute pics though!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted that spot where the adrift shop is to be a barbershop before lol. That would be such a dope idea and u could swing by livestock and grab a fade up when there.