Friday, December 19, 2008

Dame's Freestyle After Reign

So it was the United Front (Goodfoot, Ransom, Nomad and Stussy) X-mas party at Reign tonight.
I took a crapload of pics but those arent getting posted yet so...yea...

Anyhow, the clip Im posting is complete nonsense.

If you forgot, Dame is my brother from another mother of a different color, when I get married, this dude is my best man.

Our handshake is loosely based on Mon's (my best girlfriend) gestures and lingo. We created it like 4 years ago...its the absolute dumbest handshake...but which handshake is cool? lol

And his freestyle is hilarious. Clearly, you can tell he aint a rapper. Both Dame and I knows he sucks at rapping...but its juss damn funny to hear.
He aint tryna act cool with all the shit talking either, dont get it twisted, he's just in character. lol

Like I said, none of these videos I ever post are really that funny, its just funny if you know us. lol

Enjoy it for what its worth.


hustleGRL said...

LOL Dame is joooooooookes.

Ackee said...

that freestyle was epic lol.

Burna said...

"yall make it rain...i make it hurricane" lol classic shit

vince"thebarber"garcia said...

ahahaha oh man...DAME iunno man, uve been hiddin that amazing talent of yours...keep doin your thang..." i make hurracaine " ahahahah

Bryan be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


that's my favorite video on this shit brudda.. Dame you's a fool.

And big up to veench for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

any other pics from that night?

Anonymous said...

lol. i had to watch that twice in a row. dame's the man

- Moe