Friday, December 5, 2008


Ive been writing a post for you guys for the last 3 hours...and its been very difficult to write...

Making it flow properly and trying to be insightful is no joke.

Im struggling with this post because its a very important topic...and I think you should all know be well educated in the topic...its also the weekend, so i wanted to give you one long ass but good ass read for the next few days in case I dont post much.

Its 613am now...I have a huge day and night ahead of gonna sleep now...cant keep my eyes open. Ill finish this post while Im at Remix tmr before I head to the Keys and Krates show.

Hopefully the post is worth the wait...


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narrylikes said...

sleep well!

i'm leaving work now, cos it's after 4pm. how's that for time differences? :)

the beach is screaaaaaming my name.