Thursday, December 4, 2008

T-RexXx in the Booth

Everyone thinks there a rapper nowadays...'Owwe!' lol

Dont worry, you guys will be the first to hear his mixtape!
Lost in the Willderness exclusives! You know how we does! lol

And to my fellow Americans, Ill be seeing you along with T-RexXx, the rest of the Remix gang and 3 other bus loads of people in Washington for Obama's inauguration in January!

...I just gotta get my passport first...tisk.


Anonymous said...

Reporting live from D.C. I will be @ the inauguration too. Hope to see yall down there.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! can i come too?

Wolves In Lambs clothing co. said...

haha yo is he really droppin a mixtape?? i heard that still fly freestyle and it was dope!!!

J. said...

jealous....I'm so mad I can't go! There are ZERO flights coming back from D.C the day after and I dont know if I wanna make that 21 hour drive! But yeah, yall will kick it. I feel like it's gonna be a mix of the Million Man March + Freaknik thanks to all the college kids. lol