Monday, December 29, 2008

The Past Year's Review and The New Year's Resolutions

Ive been loafting on this post a lot because I still dont really know what to feel...

The entire year has been great to me...and I should be struck by lighting if I said otherwise.
I guess, Ive only been feeling weird for the past few weeks...buts its unfair for me to base my thoughts of the year on my feelings in the past few weeks.

Ive spent a lot of this year just trying to understand the person that I am trying to find peace and happiness, stability and sanity, love and comfort.

I didnt find everything, but I am thankful for what I did.

I just wrote an entire list of thank you's...But I just deleted it all...Its too difficult to name everyone Ive met this year and list their contribution to my life.

I even thanked people you didnt expect me to.
To everyone who Im thankful for, they know...because I often tell them...on blackberry. lol

Fuck it, here's my list.


I wont even lie, one of the biggest contributors to this year is Addy, thank you for getting me off my couch last January, and making me apply for Remix. Thanks for believing in me and continuously pushing me to do better.

Im going to continue with a list of thank you's now to the people who made a really big impact on me...If I leave out any names, its no disrespect whatsoever. And the order is totally irrelevant.

Thank you to Bryan, Gav, Drex, T-RexXx, Noah, Future, Brock and Amanda for all that they've done for me inside that building in the first 6 months of the year, those 6 months were probably the greatest 6 months Ive ever known...But the special thanks goes out to Bryan for teaching me about a creative mind and giving me the ability to think for myself and allowing me to be me under his wing.
Thank you to the team - Addy, DJ Wristpect, Sir Lancelot and Fresh for dragging me out 7 days a week for months to meet every damn person in the city.
Thank you to Drake for shouting me out on 'Im Still Fly' and making me the coolest photographer! lol
Thank you to Ollie for giving me the opportunities to work beside you on all those projects.
Thank you to Q, Peter, Ronnice, Candice, John, Howie, Vedran, Trevor, Merv, Jenn Curlz, Matt, Matt, Matt G and the rest of Goodfoot/ United Front gang for always giving me a place to visit on Tuesdays and park on Saturday nights.
Thank you to the Livestock family - Skam, Andy, Los, Hek and Auggie for all the clubbing adventures and free vitamin water!
Thank you to Mikey, Jmac, Greg, Kev and Avi and the rest of for putting me on *pause
Thank you to Corwin and P-Plus for always looking out for me and making sure Im good.
Thank you to Safari for just being a cool dude.
Thank you to DJ Lissa Monet for always making me feel special when you see me.
Thank you to Spexx and Dre for always putting that paper in my hand.
Thank you to Nebby for being a great friend and always just being straight up even if you'll hurt my feelings...asshole.
Thank you to Milana for all the positivity during some of my worst moments and for some of the greatest advice Ive ever heard.
Thank you to Nadia for your 'awethome' sense of humor, your bubbliness, being yourself and letting your guard down and helping me end the year off on a lighter note. "Like Puss, like who are you? like you know what I mean?"
Thank you to Joy...for the joy? and all of the CD's and laptop adapters! lol lol
Thank you to Justin Lowe for always being a total idiot and just always messaging me with random nonsense.
Thank you to Lee for trying to find me a job...(Im still unemployed). lol
Thank you to Falesha for a wonderful summer and a handful of memories.

Thank you to all the new friendships Ive gained - Rich Kidd, Junia T, Sonat, F-Dub, Shakes, Crooks, Alejandro aka Ale, Johnny, DJ Tilt, Courtney, Linda, Alina, Tona, Harold, Shanda, Suzannah, Ashley, Keesha, Sabina, Courtne, Crystal, Heinz, Duane B, Mensa, Agile, Wan, Jenny Saliba, Will, Chevy, Sean, Rawk, Ozzy, Jason F, Air King, Thomas, Amber, Natalie H, Bjorn, Cola, Chantle, Karla Gillian, Giselle, Che, Addis, James Lowe, Lo, Kitt, Landlord, Melanie, Mensa, Momo, JD Era, Kim Davis, Ayah, Marion, Mila, Caitlin, Vili, Catriona, Eva, Kathleen, Azuka, Bobby, Natalie Caine, Savs, JT, Trisha, Ace, Mahsa, Rachel, Nekita, Sharob, Paulyne, Jenn N, Kayla, Sarina, Tse, Jesse, Ron, Blake, Unique, Lloydia, Sarah, Daniele, Diana, Vee, Stacy, Sam Wong, Sarina, Janet, Winny, Ken Masters, Bishop, Soze, and BP.

...Hope I didnt forget too many names...but those are just the people I met this year.

Thank you to everyone else whose been consistent in my life.

Thank you to Lola for just always loving me and supporting so much and helping me with almost everything all the time.
Thank you to Criso for being such an awesome sister to me and just for always understanding me.
Thank you to Jason Johnson for never changing through the years.
Thank you to Niko for all the randomness. lol
Thank you to Jerome and Taj for letting me work some of the craziest events.
Thank you to Anthony, Gerald, John, Jay, Lassi and Joey for never bailing on me...mad love for you dudes.
Thank you to my cousins, Khanh, Peter, Fred, Kevin, Duy Nanh and Jimmy for the love and always watching out for me and Mike.
Thank you to Seven, Vince and Moe for always making me feel Just thanks for always being my brothers.
Thank you to Val, Julia, Emmy and Ceejay for being friends with eachother through all these years, your love for eachother gives me a lot of hope...its weird, but you guys know what I mean.
Thank you to Mon for always yelling at me and keeping me in line and never letting me get to gassed. Thanks for being my bestfriend.
Thank you to my brother, Mike for always filling up my gas tank and parking my car for me on the
Thank you to my sister, Judy who has learned to trust me and come to me for guidance.
Thank you to my brothers, Steve and Jack for always making me like Im still a role model.
Thank you to Dame for everything, you know my thanks will never be enough. Just thank you for always sitting on the phone while I vent and yell and cuss! lol...and we know I do that quite often. Thanks for not laughing at my mom when she cant speak English and for understanding that she still doesnt know your name after all these years...and that she still calls you honey, and refers to you as the black guy. lmfao

I know Im gonna get a couple phone calls tmr or blackberry msgs saying I forgot some
Lets hope I didnt forget you on purpose. Eeks!

Thats a lotta thank you's...shit. lol

Hopefully that wasnt too boring.
Obviously I have mad love and respect for everyone I named...and I only named a thing or two of what Im thankful for, but you know I cant really break down and tell you every single thing...especially on the blog. lol

I didnt really write a review, more of just a bunch of thank you's...

...its almost 5am now...Should I still write my new years resolutions?

...ahhh well...

Ill just do it now, cuz I dont know when Ill be free next.


New Year's Resolution
...or just goals...whatever..unless they're the same

1) To only work where it makes sense. Like no stupid call center jobs or anything. If it aint for the community, if it aint for youth, if it aint about art, if I cant be creative, I aint doing it.
2) Be better to my mom
3) Make more time for the people who truly care about me.
4) Cut off all the frauds around me.
5) Graduate from school.
6) NO SEX until I find someone worthy of caring for...Yea, I said it! lmfao!
That mighta been a bad thing to make public for several reasons...but Ill say it...Dont get me wrong, I love sex, but Id rather make love. No lameness intended, but why take what you like, when you can take what you love. I only want someone to care about...I have no issues with people who emotionless sex, I have just come to realize, emotionless kinda of goes against my may say, you're young, Will. Fuck all you can! Havent you ever just gone to a buffet, and just not eaten anything? Havent you ever had just so much money, go to the mall and not wanna buy anything?
Yea thats how I feel about women...there are just so much...and so many are so wack. When there is such an abundance and so much option...There's no need to choose. Im gonna take my time. Im only going home with the best. Everything else, Ill leave to the rest for the commoners. And of course, the word best is relative.
For me, its about quality over quantity, but to each their own. I guess some people just like to collect stamps.

Ive created my standards...and if you dont meet them, you can go to the warehouse. Sorry, but Im only going for what I feel deserves to be at the window of this shop...none of that, at the back of the store in the spinning sale rack with red stickers, loose threads and some tears in it bullshit. I aint tryna get no manafacture defect discounts. I want only what deserves to be in the window and Im down to pay the full price.

I might be window shopping for awhile...but its least Ill have what I want...(or at least what I think Ill want.)
The more successful I become, the more I realize I dont need sex to keep me happy...and that my friend is a powerful thing. My money keeps me happy, my friends keep me happy, my family keeps me happy, my constant hunger for more keeps me happy.
Well, actually Im lying, theres a woman I sleep with every weekend from Friday to Sunday. Most of you guys know her, Im sure she sleeps with a lotta people too...but its ok...I still fucks with her. Imma reveal her, and this is the truth, no inch of a lie.

Her name is Elizabeth...

Queen for my non Canadians - Canadian money has a picture of the Queen on it...)

Lame joke, but it gets me everytime.

The thing with me is...I attract a lot more nicer girls than I do hoes. And I cant be sleeping around with good girls...because I might break their hearts and scar them for life. And I cant sleep around with hoes...cuz they nasty. So Im just gonna do my thing til I find someone worth my time, my thoughts, my care and my efforts.

I can just imagine alotta dudes hating me for this one because I may have accidentally raised the bar for dudes to get *Will shrugs. lol

Like I told y'all in a couple posts back, Im all about the Premium P! For me its just sex...for them its sex and status! lmao. Thats right, I said it. Not being cocky, just being real. Ive had this talk with many people in the industry...We aint all gassed, we're just being real. lol (fuck, I cant wait to get cussed for that remark...lmao)
Hey, hate me if you want, but Im jus saying what a lotta ppl just dont have the balls to say. You guys already know who I am...if you have to question my character, y'all aint know me.

Call me gay, stupid, dumb, wack or whatever for not sleeping with the chick you seen me talking to at the club...
But Im working on my path to enlightenment, theres a lot more to life for me then bussing a feels great and all dont get me wrong...but that all ends...and you're just back to feeling empty again...both literally and figuratively.

Like I said, give me a woman to love, care for, be with, holds hands with, hug, kiss, embrace, look after, to look forward to, to make feel special, to make me laugh, entertain me, worry about me and look out for me...thats what I want...I aint stopping til I get what I want


Hopeless romantics are in for aint know?


Anyhow, off to sleep.
I guess my last resolution should be stop going to bed just before sunrise? lol


and thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting, and supporting my blog for the past few months...or since
the work and thought I put into this blog would not be the same if I didnt have your support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for making me feel like a somebody.
Thanks for letting me write and understanding the person that I am, flaws and all.

2009 is Two Thousand and Mine.


Anonymous said...

love that part about the ladies, will! so many young ladies and men sell themself short of what they deserve for a few moments of pleasure, but its true what u said, if you're trying to fill yourself with sex, the moments it's over you're empty again! i hope u find that special lady, and i hope i find that special guy


australasian lurker. said...

i feel you on that!
hopeless romantics are in for 2009!
your somebody's dreamguy!

Anonymous said...

i just loving reading your long, insightful posts :) keep it up!

Crystal said...

I love how your last resolution is long as fuck and I know you did it that way just so you could go off on it!

Good job Will. Hope '09 is bigger and better than the last year.

Annd I'm glad I got to know you a lil better. You're a stand up dude. Rmbr, nice people finish first! See you at the top homie!


Crystal said...

And I love number 1. It's the truth.

tilt said...

cheers homie, these last couple months i've gotten to know you more and your a true friend. thanks for all the good times, ur insightful words, a place to crash for my drunken ass.

and tru dat on #6, quality is better than quantity,

i only read one blog and that's urs cuz it the shizzle, mainly cuz u post different stuff than most blogs and makes you think about certain things in life and you can comment back on it.

all the best in 09 brother.

Amanda said...

I know its not for but I see my name
(Amanda) but i want to think its for me so thanks for putting my name on your thank you list...

Maяіa .:* said...

Wow…just peeped this one too, I had to read it twice because of all the realness to be taken in!! You’re right and EVERYTHING you said can be said about men too. For instance, when you hit up a club and you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and all of sudden, they try to run game on you like they forget you were friends? WTF? I have come to the realization that there are a lot less REAL people out there and a lot more damn frauds. I liked that part about collecting stamps - Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones ...

Hopeless Romantics for 2oo9? That is a movement I support!! Cheers!

ackee said...

the pic remind's me of "street lights" by kanye when i look at it (random, i know)

but i feel you, save the platinum P for someone who deserves it, not someone who just wants it lol.

i can get down with the hopeless romantics movement too. i thought i was alone on that one, in my own fairy tale world thinking about mr. perfect/mr. right.

Anonymous said...

very nice..
the part about your friend dame and your mom not know his name is funny.. My best friend of NINE years is vietnamese and every time her mom sees me she says happily " HEY GRRRL" in her accent.

Anonymous said...