Saturday, December 6, 2008

Im so bored...

Ummm...the post that I wanted to post has turned out to be way way way too complex...and nothing that I can write thats comprehensive...for you or

So Im gonna put it aside for now until I can figure out how to effectively articulate it.

Here's some food for thought tho.
I have a couple of things Im planning to do and since I have the bestest most awesomest group of readers in the whole world, I need some suggestions and input.

1) Im planning to put up advertisements on the blog. It might be lame....but its gonna make me some shiny pennies everytime you click it...i aint talking about a few cents or a dollar per click either. So I wanna know...will it bother you guys to have ads on the blog...and if not, will you guys click it so I can get rich? lol

2) Im planning to do a photography exhibit and I want it to showcase the city (Toronto) you guys have any ideas and or aspects that I should focus on?
Ill be sure to find a very dope venue on Queen West...the details and budgeting still needs to be planned out. And dont worry, this one isnt an invite only thing, this would be a completely open event to anyone and everyone. So I hope Im going to meet a lot of you guys.
There will probably be booze served, a DJ, a lot of really dope people and a really laid back
But please, your suggestions and ideas would be much appreciated.

3) ...ummm...I need to fill up the rest of my body in tatts...Im lazy and broke...anyone down to help with a bake sale or a bikini car wash? lol

But ok...Im off to visit the BFF at work...ummm...sorry for the lack of posts...Ive been sleeping too much.
Im trying to eat unheathily, sleep lots and become unloveable...and I wanna see who will still hug me then.

I gotta work tonight at the Essentials...and hopefully drop by Republik to check my lil brother for his birthday...or at least help carry his ass out because my brother likes to think he's a super hero when he drinks...he's the heaviest skinny drunk guy Ive ever known...fuckin dead weight when he's drunk...


The Definition said...

Wouldn't mind the ads as long as they aren't the annoying kind that flash or scroll all extra fast in weird colors and what not.

Maybe for your exhibit you can do Toronto's talent, but not just taking photos of people in typical surroundings or in very literal situations. Like say the person was a graffiti artist, instead of just taking a photo of their work you shoot a still of them maybe walkin down an alley pickin up spray cans. I don't know some shit like that. I like the whole idea of turning the artist into the art.

I kinda like just your one arm tatted up. It's not too much or too little, but just enough sexy. Umm, what's with you and car washes and bake sales? lol Distance may be an issue, but I make a mean sugar cookie!

Sean said...

get tatted!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna hug you now so i'd probably love you if you were a lazy lard ass, as long as you remained the person that you are lol

Anonymous said...

yea id help make you some money

D said...

Advertising...sure. Clicking and making you money?... priceless. It depends on how interesting the advertisements are.

An exhibit would def. be interesting. Since you said you want to showcase the city, do some sort of collabo with another artist (or collection) you feel is doing great work. It could be about I dunno a side of T.O. no one sees or pays attention to. I know you said you like pics of regular people doing everyday activities. Or maybe just very random abstract things. Maybe it doesn’t have to have a specific focus. I mean for the sake of it looking professional, having a unifying theme wld b nice but…not necessary. I dunno rambling. Kinda tired. I'll try later to make that make sense. But its always interesting to me to see what others view as art so nething wld be cool.

Tats! Sweet! I only have 3 and two are on the back of my neck and my mst recent is on the inside of my wrist cherry blossoms and an OM and I still want more, they really are addictive. However, like The Definition said I do like what you have now. Altho I do have an affinity for men with tattoos. Like Pharrells one arm full of tats is hot. Esp the one on his neck..oh my! Just neway. So..if the feeling so moves you get em. If not..what you have is still sessy!

Its like 3am..why am I not sleep and I have to wake up at 7-8 to study for an exam I have at 2 and have yet to study for! OMG! I'm so gonna fail...I need someone to tell me to take my ass to bed! Instead of trying to find some music by Santogold...and commenting on your blog!...tear

narrylikes said...

yeah, of course i'll help you get rich. anytime. please remember every time i click it will go towards your tattoo fund.

i need ink on the inside of my forearm. my mom will cry, but i love this, well something similar to this.

Anonymous said...

Is that at the forum barber parlour for j mac haha?

Chilly Willy said...

nah, its not. lol
this picture was taken like over a year ago.

and narry...i digs. :) and thanks for the support!
there wont be pop ups tho.

Anonymous said...

yo advertisments are cool, you got to get it how you live. the exhibt would be hella live, makes it happen asap. tats, do you. peace

Anonymous said...

u should showcase the hood in a show, whats left of it anyway..

Anonymous said...

Is it going to be just you're exhibit?