Sunday, November 30, 2008


I havent been on a project with the Upper Echelon (Spexx and Dre) in a few weeks now, and man, did it ever feel nice to be back and working with my peoples.
Mood Music is mainly an R&B fellas come out to catch your bubbles and ladies come out to put it down...
(of course you'll never see me participating...Im too busy shooting, drinking or taking my shirt off. lmao)
Ironincally, I hate clubbing. I always have. The only time I DO like clubbing is when I feel like I know majority of the people in the club or when its a small intimate venue. Its odd. But only then will you see me drinking and eventually walk around in my beater. I like to know Im with my peoples and not with randoms...or else Ill stand by the wall on my blackberry.
I need to know I can yell outloud and be obnoxious and that everyone's laughing WITH me because they know opposed to ppl saying "who the fuck is this chin up in here with his shirt off yelling loud with a camera in one hand and beer in the other dancing and talking to all badass chicks in the spot. Dont he know he's at a black party tonight?" lie...thats usually what it looks like...well if you dont know me anyhow.
Last night was one of those nights tho...I had a fuckin blast. Anyone who seen me last night knew I was fuckin shit faced. lmao.

I have a lot of stories about last night...but I aint gonna tell you on the blog. lol Sorry. It aint nothing scandalous and promiscous...dont worry...but it is quite juicy. lol You guys all know me by now. lol

Thanks to everyone that contributed to such a good night for me. You know who you are.

Obviously, these arent all the pics...Im not gonna post all 400+ pics.


Ps. Anyone who has stupid pics of me being drunk or sprawled over the couch, be sure to post them, I indulge in my own stupidity. lol. And in case you ever wonder why Im always in a beater when Im drinking is because my body gets mad warm when there's alcohol in me...You know Im planning to drink if Im wearing a beater. But Ill never drink if Im not wearing a beater...A lotta people usually check if Im wearing a beater before the night starts. lol True story. As if my light skinned ass doesnt make me stand out as it is, I have to fuckin walk around half naked inside the club. Yea...thats Photo Will for ya...aka Photo Jamal (since Im actually a light skin black dude...well in my mind anyhow)

Shout outs to Tse and Jesse for the first shot of the night that burned my fuckin insides

I see you Vic.

I see you homie.

She knew what my fave song was! lol (inside joke)

Shanda...where did the rest of your shirt go? lol.

The meanest girl I know in the world wears a green scarf


Yes, yes! My dudes from highschool. Winston(left) and Big T (right). (you'll remember Big T from my school the NBA logo tee and shorts)

My dudes, Duane and DJ P-Plus

My brother Dre
If it wasnt for this picture, your face would just be a Haze in my mind. *Will tips his hat

John and Pro

My other brother, Spexx

My face below kills me! lol

Landlord (below) totally fuct me up (no homo)...Id be ok if you didnt make me down the glass of JD's eyes are small enough as it...after that eyes were pretty much closed...

Contrary to popular belief, this is my sober face...

Some girl came up to me last night and was like..."I heard if you're in your beater, it means your drunk." I was like "what? Who told you that?"
"A few girls told me that." lmao

After I was doing the body roll to Chris Brown's 'Take you down' I had to stand there for a second and juss regain balance. "My head keeps spinnin', I cant stop having these visions." lol
Its amazing how much more fluid I move and dance when the alcohol hits the system.

What up Chief?! (You'll recognize him from my highschool pictures in a red racing jacket)

Chevy somehow managed to get a squirrel on his head...

He's actually (inside joke)


Anonymous said...

where you gonna post the rest of the pics? & who covers his parties now? iit was such a good party!!!

Chilly Willy said...

the rest of the pics get posted on spexx and dre's facebook pages and the mood music group page.

I only post pics of my friends or my fave pics.

who covers them now? its only me who shoots their events.

Burna said...

man..i thought the cali club scene had eye candy, i see ima have to fly out to t.o sometime real soon!!

BNyce said...

where the niggas at??? lol J,p!!
looks like fun!

Where u drinkn again?? U had that fall asleep in the club while standing up pose going on loll.

Cyborg Fresh said...

Woah I thought I was the only minority named Winston. Smh. Lol see some shortys though.

Coop said...

WHOA! God damn my age. I see a lot of dimes in these pics. Beatiful girls. *shakes fist in anger*

Anonymous said...

"After I was doing the body roll to Chris Brown's 'Take you down'"