Thursday, November 13, 2008


im trying so hard to do my work...but somehow I bumped into my 2 new favorite Kanye 808s and Heartbreak's tracks..."welcome to heartbreak" and "tell everybody that you know"

anyone who knows me, knows I murder tracks. I put it on repeat for hours!

fuck...I need to study before I head out to Guelph in 2 hours...
If you haven't heard the songs, lemme give you the tracks



amazing and streetlights is really good too, but I dont have any those files on hand (im only referring to the last 5 leaked tracks...coldest winter, heartless, love lockdown and robocop dont least fave is anyway of the 5 new leaked tracks...its the equivalent of goodlife on the graduation)
fuck...I dont know what any of you guys think of the tracks that have been released so far, but I havent been this excited for anything to be released since the Dark Knight, and we all know how much I love the caped crusader (no homo)
Imagine Ye was Batman? lmao...the perfect world.

These tracks got me reminiscing the Glow in the Dark Tour...fuck if anyone missed it, wow. I feel bad for you. By far the coolest and most out of this world experience Ive ever been to! Hands down the greatest performer ever. I urge you guys, make sure you go to the next tour. I have no idea how he's gonna out do the last tour...I was right by the me, shit doesnt get any more intense than that.


ps. i didnt take that picture...

...i need to turn off my media player now dont i...? fuckin a...

PSS. i really dont mean to rub it into anyone's face, but man, if you missed it, you probably missed the greatest concert performance of a lifetime. The saddest part is no money will ever take you back in time to experience what I did and millions of others around the world. Ye took you to another world, another galaxy, another reality. I remember I lost my voice for like 5 days after. Dame and I were fuckin singing every single fuckin lyric to every single fuckin song. Sorry, I do swear a lot, which I should try to cut back on, dont worry Im on the patch.
But man...take me back to May '08...


Sang Frais said...

welcome to heartbreak is my shit and so is streetlights. i keep those bitches on repeat real hard along with tell everybody that you know. I was so pissed when i missed the tour. i had 3 fucking chances to go and couldn't. my job posted my check late the first time so i missed the sold out chicago one. and my fiance had to work the next 2 times when he was doin the columbus or cincinnatti show and some other spot we were gonna drive too. I fucking hate his job forever for missing that damn tour and i hate mine for fucking up my check, lol. I can't wait for Ye's CD to drop.

Anonymous said...

Gawd Will... do your fuckin hmwk. Althought, you keep blogging and have me entertained, i appreciate it, lol... but you still need to hit those damn books and get that presentation done. Your damn ADD has taken you off track way to many times, get your shit going homie!


D said...

YEA GUY! So much for rubbing it in. I'm feeling the salt in the wound right now..damn! I was def. trying to go to that show more so cause I wanted to see N.E.R.D well Yeezy too..aww hell I wanted to see everyone. But my friends are mad lame and none of them like music the way I do so what happens in situations like this? I end up not being able to go..whoo hoo. Same with the Jay and Mary tour that was going on around that time.. yea short, short end of the stick. Gah I'm so bitter!

And me sitting here commenting on and reading your blog is not helping my procrastination. I def. have things, A LOT of things to do for class..How many are actually getting done?..hmmm another story. Eh maybe Friday. Nope going out then..lets try for Saturday.

Peace guy...D

Pedro said...

I was there, 6th row that night. It was a cold night but when Ye came on everyone lost their minds. I've seen a lot of concerts in the past 10 years in this city and that was above and beyond anything I had ever seen.

Can't wait for the next tour next summer.

Anonymous said...

may 21 2008 was definately one of the best days of my life

i think the best part was when he gave a little speech at the end

me and my girl just cried of was so moving

and like you said..."Take me back to may 08'"...

Gorgeous Lynette said...

do the homework! & the person who went to the may 21 you musta been in chicago with me. it's great to go to his concerts but i think he puts on a little extra. I didn't get a chance to go because i was sick, but i know he did really well. my best-friend called me just to hear his songs!!!(I love him) but will, i love kanye & stop giving everybody the leaked tracks for them to download and not buy the cd.

you know how people are!!! november 24th. buy or die. Ye for life.

The Definition said...

Lol, everytime you say you have a lot of work to do and that you're going to focus, you OD on the blog. Its so hilarious. I just knew once I saw that this morning there were going to be at least 3 or 4 new posts. Thanks for not disappointing! ha ha. I hope you do actually get your work done.........oNe

J. said...

oh Lord, you just got me all geeked about that concert. lol Kanye could call my mom a floozy, back hand me, and infect me with HIV/AIDS and I STILL wouldn't be mad at him just because of Glow in the Dark. lol Best concert in life. Im posting my pics up ahora!