Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rewind: Cris' Bday

We all know hella trigger heavy when it comes to the shutter button. I have my camera just about everywhere I go...obviously Ive been taking pics way before this blog began. I just kinda wanna take some time to catch you up on thangs. lol

Id like you guys to meet one of my sister bears, Criso. She's one of the most realest, coolest, most straight up yet caring person I know. Cris, you know where you stand in my life.

These pics were almost taken about a year ago in the dead of winter...these were the days when I used to go clubbing with my Bell Company Van...what the fuck was a Bell Van doing driving around at night at 3am? lol...yea dats me...stunting harder than Super Dave and Mr. Fuji. Free gas man and free parking (as long as the pylons were out) lmao


For some reason they didnt let us into the VIP we created our front of the coat check...this was actually a lot more hilarious in person. Trust me.

My homie, DJ Lissa Monet


hustleGRL said...

crisoooooo <3
when are you gonna post he pics from myyyy birthday ? lol :)

The Definition said...

No OD, yall needed some sun for real! A gang of pale people partying....weird lol.

- Kizzy

Anonymous said...

i think i love criso more


Jonny.Treeson said...


Dude, I was stunting just as hard.... in my read and white ROGERS van. LOL.

Worked as a technician in the summers before I graduated from school.

Crazy... good times. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Free gas was good... real good.