Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes, you are correct...these pictures are from a Monday night in Toronto.
Who says M-O-N-D-A-Y - S-U-C-K-S?

Vince, Son (Jason), and I were blazing down the highway pumping some hardcore oldies like 'Let Me Down Easy' by Betty Lavette...thanks to a kind friend :) (youtube that track if you havent heard it!)
We met up with Wristpect and Lancelot at the venue. Addy shows up an hour later out of the blue and just before last call, comes Fresh.
It was my man DJ Tilt's barf day so we headed out to Rockwood, a small spot on a small street.
I wont say too much more, ill let the photos speak for you :)

Happy Birthday Tilt!!! All the best to you!
Off to bed for me...its 445am...

Thanks to Nelcam (right). Good looking out!

Lance is rocking a necklace and a pendant??? What are you black now? lol

What up to DMR hair studios!

Meet 4 korners..Mr. Toronto Raptors DJ. lol

I didnt really like the bartender...but all I hear is T-Pain everytime I see a bartender...no homo

Vince, the birthday boy himself, Tilt and Son (Jason)


Make out # 1

J Diggz was in the hizzouse

I know, I know...She's in the Im Still Fly video...dont worry, you'll see her again.

'Melanie!' says Vince (lmao)

Indeed, thats Jack Flawless


make out # 2

Yep...all this on a Monday night...


Anonymous said...

my goodness...can i just say, FRANCIS IS A GOD.

Anonymous said...

Monday night doesn't suck for people who have cool jobs like you lol! ;)

tilt said...

thx for the photos chilly willy!

and for coming out to celebrate... means a lot to me brother.

Janine said...

That's funny...you were getting in the house at 4:45am and I was getting ready for work.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just rub it in Willie. Monday night for regular folks means going to bed at a decent time and waking up before the sun rises. Now havin a job like yours is totally different, LOL.
Liking the fitted Jack Flawless; its flawless indeed!