Friday, November 14, 2008


litw & ovo from PHOTO WILL on Vimeo.

Here it is. The official and final cut of the footage in hi res.

We tried our best to sync the names with the images. Most of the people in the song were there, some werent...
If you're looking for Bryan E, he actually left before the footage began (he had work early the next morning). Boi 1nda (the producer) was in Atlanta during this party...and somehow...we didnt get any footage of Niko aka Freako at

Sorry to whoever else we didnt get footage of (JD Era, Kim Davis, Johnny Rox, Livestock, Foundation, Taurean, Seven, Vince, Moe, my brother, Sarah, Courtney B, Courtne, Gee, Bodiq, Gaspi, Nicholas C, Jenn, Ann, Cristal, Kevin, Hazel, Rawk, Chevy, John, Lucky, Jake, Harold, Alina, Marienne, Ashley MacKenzie, Caitlin, Ronnice, Addis, Tasha, Danielle, Gillian, Will, Shayna, CC, Chrissy, Monique, Kade, Marlon and Tek...well thats all I can think of right now.) But I see you!

Shout out to my boy Chris Strikes for the excellent work and the amazing video.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make this party happen.
Thanks to my team, Addy, DJ Wristpect, Lancelot, Fresh and Bryan. Thanks to Drake, Oliver, Niko, 40 and Jason Johnson. Thank you to DJ P-Plus and Corwin. Thanks to Nelson for the photography. Thanks to everyone who called and msged me or the team during the one month promo period offering their assistance, especially Addis and Amber. Special thanks to everyone who came out that night, partied hard hard, bought a drink or popped a bottle, called me or text me the morning saying they yacked in the car or had to pull over in the taxi and stick their head out the door. Brock's story is the best, he got sloshed, lost his hat, fell asleep in some alley, Fresh saw him and had him sent home in a taxi, Brock remembers yacking in the taxi...doesnt remember how he got inside his house but woke up the next morning alive! me I received a crapload of stories like that.

To answer questions that some people have asked about the team and I...if we're going to just throw parties and do photography or watever forever.

To an extent Ill be doing forever, but not club event photography forever. I dunno about being paid forever but photography is my hobby first and foremost. But Im not sure how cool it is for me to be 30 and in the club taking pics of 19 year old girls so...yea. I am trying to take my photography into a different direction and becoming a bit more pro and official. Whatever that means...Im still tryna figure out. As for throwing parties...why not? If it can work...why not? (not forever obviously). Its not like we take out giant venues and throw parties for randoms (not that theres anything wrong with that either). We know everyone we invite. We keep things intimate and personal. We keep our networks and circles strong and well knit and try to create comfort amongst the come up kids and the veterans in the industry. We like surrounding ourselves with motivated individuals with similar goals.

But the other answer is also sorta no. We do not plan to do this least at this level. The only direction to move is up. Each of the 6 members including myself have our own individual strengths and skills. I cant reveal the master plan, but understand the things we are doing now with these events is to merely establish a network of strong connects and to raise funds for larger endeavors. You really didnt think this was it did you? lol Being able to predict trends, change with the times, but remaining relevant is key. Lets hope we're able to find a recipe for that. *fingers crossed

We're aiming at longevity here not instant cheques. Get familiar.


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a really good time!

Great video editing also!

Shout Goes Out To Bryan E. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


sorry i had to leave early... lol.

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a good time. i'ma have to kick t wit yall whenever i'm in

it looks like yall always be partyin and shit lol

Anonymous said...

DUDE u put in wen u had me in a head lock!!! LMOA

luv ya

<3 CC

pri said...

looks like everyone and their momma was at that party!! Im sooo happy that it was such a great success!!!


Anonymous said...

lmaoooo at 2:20 the girl got smasheddd yah dun know!

Crystal said...

speciaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!! chyeaaa!!

ha! the clip of me was sizable enough...nothing too showy PERFECT!

Looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

why is the video private?