Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So here are the pics from halloween night. I had to work both parties that night, the Upper Echelon's Monster Ball @ Orange Room and Won by One's Halloween Shuffle @ Revival.
Thats the last time Im gonna do two parties in one night...fuckin hectic as hell...

Wasnt one of the greatest nights of my life, but there were enjoyable moments...

To anyone who has been asking "what the fuck were you supposed to be?" answer is...umm...i guess a Korean rockstar?

I have a lot of opinions about female halloween costumes...but I wont air it out on the
But thank you to everyone who was in the holiday spirit and dressed up...its the funniest thing to see grown ppl dressed

Hey dre, I still dont know who you're supposed to be. lol

Get down girl, go head get down...18 years, 18 years, she had one of your kids, had you for 18

Addy came as a filipino guy...i see...

lmao! you're a border jumper! ...well double border jumper since we're in Canada. jks.

Happy family?...Nebby is the only one with a normal face. lol

Nebbs said shes supposed to be Obama...umm...

Thanks again to Corwin (to the right) for the wise words

Dude actually shaved half his head! lmao

I know you dont like being on the internet Alina (the right)...but I dont care! lol

Look at Alina's

Dead prez? Well y'all sure aint Big ups to the LL and LS

Chrissy, get taller!

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BNyce said...

yall were foooolin loll
looks like fun though!!
Wish I was Present!