Saturday, November 22, 2008


I just got home from work...

This may be surprising to some and not to many others...

But I just came back from Tonic where I was doing the photography for Dancehall Fete 7.
yea yea...lemme know when y'all done laughing.

The first thing everyone says is...'wtf? they hired an Asian guy for Dancehall Fete?'
Damn straight they did. I know more reggae tracks than most DJ's or black people...or even a black DJ! You dont know about me. When I get to My Origins: Part 4, you'll find out I was one bad ass light skin black boy. Word to yo motha! I know all the reggae moves too...but dont watch that, you'll never see me bussin a reggae move in the club unless Im piss But ur more likely to see me pass out on the floor or couch if I was piss drunk.

Its 3:42am, and I gotta be up by 6am to get to the other end of the city by 7am...and work until 2

I need to sleep...right after this blog!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to the 'my turn' questionnaire from yesterday. I am very flattered and honored that you guys even took the time to fill it out. Its so cool (for lack of a better word) to know what kind of people are interested in my nonsense and to know how far my words have reached on a geographic level.
So to everyone who took the time to answer those 7 questions, my deepest and sincerest thanks. It means more to me than you know. Know that I smiled after every response to that post (well every post but that one especially.) I did read and make note of every answer. Thank you so so so much. I will do my personal best to keep you guys long as I dont lose myself doing so.

And to answer you, I have a couple posts on the what order they'll be finished...I dont know...But here's the list.

1) My origins: part 3 (quite possibly the darkest and most painful chapter of my far)
2) Dating Etiquette (From the first date to the first week of officialization)
3) The Premium P Theory (An in depth look of the inner P-ness. lmao)
4) Perceptions and Sexual Performance...(this is quite entertaining...I promise. No perv)
5) Photographer Pet Peeves (The things that drive me off the wall while working. Video blog)
6) Rock Star Music Video (Seven and I are gonna re-dress up in our Halloween costumes and rock out with our cocks out...not literally, and no homo)

So stay tuned for that schmuck.

Lastly before I pass out on my keyboard...Bryan claims he has evidence of Nebby and I and our secret affair. Do you really believe Bry? *will loosens his collar


Im off to bed for 2 hours...I have a gimoungous day tmr...Gnite.
AND THE YEEZY ALBUM IS STILL CYCLING IN THE RIDE!!! He better win a Grammy for this bad boy!

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Gorgeous Lynette said...

haha. I'm black and I know nothing about reggae. But, least you have a job. I'm broke as all fuck.