Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just letting you know Im going to be cutting down with the posts for the next few days...well I 'plan' to cut down anyways.

York University has been on strike for the last week...and Ive been super slack.
Havent done a single damn shit brick of homework.
If the strike ends tonight, that means class is tomorrow...which would fuck me over because I have a presentation...arrgghhh!!!

and if it starts next week Monday, Im still screwed, cuz I have another project to do, which would be fuckin fantastical!

So if you dont hear from me, its because Im trying to be diligent and responsible...If anyhow Im still in university working on my honors degree when my 2nd youngest brother (who is 6 years younger than me) gets into university...Ill fuckin jump in front of a bus!

I have so many papers due...ok...enough with the ramble.

Ill talk to you guys soon...well at least until Im on my study break...which is usually once every 5 minutes...I have A.D.D. so after every written 3 lines or paragraph read, I reward myself with a 20 minute break...efficient right? Id say...Ive got the formula for successs...FUCK YEA!

I need to graduate this yea..


Entries of a DiVA said...

So funny. Sounds like a formula I use. Couple minutes of hw for several minutes of A.D.D. internet browsing. Good luck.

Crystal said...

Yea suuuuuure buddy.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Accepting that the problem isn't one is the truth.

This only applies to you - all drunks and dope fiends please report back to you rehab clinics - as you were.

Crystal said...


... just letting YOU know...

the next time you drink so much in one night you should refrain from crushing the can with those guns and then littering them on the floor. Not cool.