Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi Haters!

I know I said I wouldnt blog anymore for the rest of the evening but I couldnt help myself.
Ill start my assignments right after this post...or finish off Entourage...Im so watless.

While I was driving home from Remix just awhile ago I realized how fortunate I am to be a part of such a strong and positive group of people. Everyone that I know is a go-getter, a hustler, an entrepreneur, doing what they love, making money, grinding and setting new standards for both themselves and the people around them.
I am definitely very fortunate to have worked with just about everybody in the city from the come up kids to the veterans. I am even more fortunate to have most of these people in my life as good friends and not just business associates.

Im proud of all my peoples...its way too much to shout out and it might be too problematic if accidentally forgot any names.

Something that really made my day today was an interview that was conducted by a university student...about
I know, it sounds shocking to me too. But it did happen nonetheless.
I personally dont think Im anyone particularly interesting, but Im glad others do.
Me telling you guys about this is in no way being cocky, this is me merely showing you that there are people who do care and support people trying to make a difference.
She asked me a very important question that touches on the primary topic of this post, she asked me about Toronto and how I felt about it.

I responded somewhere along these lines (although I am adding a lot more as I think of it):

Toronto is a young city, with a small population and its still growing. A lot of the people are mad ignorant because they're not involved, they dont participate, they dont see the work thats put in so they hate. They like to compare us against the states and choose to talk shit about us. How is one supposed to grow without support? How does a baby grow up without a safe environment, a caring mother and a supporting father? How does a flower bloom without sunshine and rain and fertile soils? How the fuck do you expect your city and industry to get anywhere when all you do is sit on your fucking asses and talk shit? What the fuck are you doing to contribute? Who are you to say anything? Dont get me wrong, Im well aware that some of the cities haters are actually people who are in the scene, who are just jealous of other people's successes and achievements.
Maybe its time to stop watching others and start doing something for yourself.
There is still so much disconnect amongst ourselves as a individuals of different races, cultures and religion, never mind 'us' as a whole city. We are still having issues accepting the white person next door, or the Muslim person in class, or the Jewish person at work or the black person at the mall. Toronto is a multicultural and very diverse city, and until we can learn to get along and better understand eachother as people, this city and its industry still has a long way to go.

What boggles my mind is the fact the people who support my blog and many other people in this city the most, is from outside Toronto. OUTSIDE Toronto. In fact most of my blog hits come form the US east coast and Cali. Most of the people who comment on my blog is from the States. Do you see what I mean? Yea, you might say States what, and States whatever...but look at yourselves and your people. Have some pride in the place you call home. If you dont care to make this place better who is? You live here! This is your house. You can shit on it all you want, at the end of the day, you sleep here. Remember that shit.

Everyone tells me, dont mind the haters, dont mind the haters. But why not? Dumb fucks deserve to be recognized too.

So lemme give the haters some promo now.
The other day I found out my homegirl Lissa Monet got her blog hacked, and this is what they posted on the page.

(click on it if you cant see it properly)
I just wanna say, wow. Good job to whoever hacked Lissa's blog. Must have taken you a lot of time to do this. Funny thing is most of us have figured out who it is, we wont say it because it might make them feel too special.
But let me just say it takes a great pair of balls to sit behind your monitor and talk shit. Where Im from...well, where most of us real folks are from, when theres an issue that needs to be addressed, we say it to the person's face. None of this bitch shit.
Waddup homie, Im second on the list, so you must have a real issue with me. Don't get it twisted. Juss cuz I smile a lot, I'm passive and I'm a nice guy don't mean I won't show u wassup. If you don't know, holla at some of the people who know me and check the record. Maybe they can break down for you before I need to.
Y'all know where Im at every weekend, you know where I shoot, you know where I party, holla at me.

Im calling you out on the internet, but you know my face and you know my name. None of this "anonymous" hate shit. Thats wassup.
Straight the fuck up!

Im not phased by haters. You know you're doing something right when people start hating you. But say what you want, just make sure at the end of the day before you go to bed, look in the mirror and think about the life you lead and the things you've accomplished and the change you created today for yourself and the people around you.

The people on the list have nothing but love for this city and do nothing but push for the betterment and progress.
Especially Remix, what the fuck are you beefing with Remix about? For anyone who doesnt know what Remix is, its a government funded and partially private funded youth program that teaches (for free) creative arts, business arts and media arts headed by Gavin, Drex, Amanda, T-Rexxx, Bryan Brock and Pro-Logics and formerly with Bryan Espirtu and Noah aka 40.

If you're real, holla at me. Dont be throwing rocks at me and then hiding behind the bushes. Fuckin frauds.


Dont even get me wrong, Im not mad.
Hater's have self esteem problems. Its cool. They prolly grew up with no real friends, ate their lunches in the washroom stalls and celebrated bdays with stuffed animals. Its understandable. Id be bitter too.

Haters, I aint mad at you. Do your thing, I mean what else would you do in your life. If this is the only way you'll get attention from the public, thats cool. lol. You're juss giving us something else to laugh about during meetings and hang outs. Good job. If you're goal was to look stupid, lame and pathetic, I assure you, you goals have been achieved.

Holla at me when you see me to get your hero cookie and your scratch and sniff sticker.


ps. I have been receiving random hate comments for myself or others that I blog about, but I refuse to publish them because i dont want to give you anonymous haters the shine you want. I would like to request, actually dare anyone who writes a negative comment to leave their full name and add me to facebook, a link to your picture, leave a phone number...emails dont count cuz I already know you'll create a fraud one. If you're gonna say it, be big enough to show your face. Ill publish your hate comment if you leave contact info. You deserve that at the least for having balls that big.


Anonymous said...

The one thing that peeves me out the most... people who talk smack behind their cute little computer screens. SO PATHETIC, and did i also add how pathetic it is. How old are we... seriously, hacking into someone's account and posting shit, wow... not cool hater, not cool. Get a life, or better yet; get a fuckin life! (Pardon my French)

Janine said...

I looked at that post on Lissa's blog and thought, "someone has a little too much time on their hands". How much of a punk do you have to be to throw grease anonymously? If you're gonna go to all the trouble of hacking someone's blog, own that shit. At the end of the day, people still know and respect Lissa's name, Nebby's name, Will's name, Drake's name, T-Rexx's name...but you're still just a pathetic, anonymous hater. Dummy.

Anonymous said...

wowwww some of that industry drama. and you knowwww his/her ass was ignorant, putting remix in. but what does nebby do? and do yall plan to do this (whatever yall do) for ever? lk throwing parties and photography?

Anonymous said...

I feel where you coming from will. But hateing is a job too so let them bitches hate. In the word of Katt William " If you got 13 haters at the beginning of spring, you need you find out how to get 20 by the summer some" haha or something like that. And yes im from the Washington D.C. and i support everything you guys are tryning to do for your city.


Anonymous said...

it don't even matter...
Because at the end of the day, you are going to be successful regardless. Stay humble Will and continue to do you.

Haters are forever gonna hate..but while they are hating,their life is passing them by..

They sit behind their MAC's wishing they could do what you do.
If they don't have the nuts to say stuff to your face, then they don't have the nuts to get up and get a life or pursue REAL career other then being a bonifide hater...


Chilly Willy said...

I agree in full.
I'm not paying no mind to the haters. I juss think its really funny, and it should be brought up so others could read and comment on it so the haters could feel stupid.
Like my boy juss said 'haters are gonna hate. Its their job. Its the worst job, cuz some people do it so well and they don't even get paid for it.'
Like I don't even understand why someone could hate me. I haven't caused no trouble or talked smack about anyone. I'm merely a photographer. Like, seriously. Lol. I don't have problems with anyone I know and I'm not aware of any problems that anyone has with me. So the hate is definitely random, but that's cool tho.
What am I gonna do except laugh right? Its a good topic to laugh and talk about, but trust me, its nothing I'm stressing about.

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


Chilly Willy said...

throwing parties is not what i plan to do forever. This is a networking tool for me and the team. Its to keep the circles tight and really get to know our peoples. And plus we enjoy it for now.
Eventually it will get played out and we will have to retire before we fade out...

but as for photography, im not gonna do event photography forever. We've got plans for my photography, I dont wanna spill the beans yet with the plans, but we have things in the works. I couldnt be shooting events at 30 and still expect to be cool. Its about progress.

we all have a larger agenda for it me. but these steps are necessary to get there. simply put, this is merely us juts getting our feet wet.

stagnant and idleness isnt cool. gotta keep on keeping on.

Evolution is key.

Nebby said...

first of all thanks for stealing my mac screen shot will (lol)
I'm glad i know who the person that hacked and went on the hating rampage is but trust me behind every action is a reason as to why a person might do something like that, this person for example that did this clearly has a personal issue with me which i figured out, it's really stupid it has to do with me not accepting them as a friend on myspace back in 2006 to accepting them after the continuous friend requests, then deleting them because they were leaving inappropriate comments on my pix but why hate on me?? i aint no rapper i aint no photographer i dont do videos i dont do magazines i dont model i dont style i dont act and i dont dance i just pull up mah pants and lean back (jk) all those things are not me and to answer the "what does nebby do" question....i'm just a girl who attended school for nursing graduated 2 yrs ago and decided i wanted a career change, now i'm attending school for international business w a minor in marketing i work full time and i go to school full time. i come here and there to support my friends who happen to be rappers, singers, dancers, photographers, models, DJs, stylist, my classmates, co workers, event planners ....shit just regular well driven ppl who i am very proud of. If that's what you gonna hate on me for then so be it ;)

seven said...

I HATE YOU WILL!!!! yeaah i said it! and i left my name too! now what?!

ok im kidding broham. i just wanted to lighten up the comment wall. its so serious. people just need to laugh at this. its ridiculous. im glad you got haters, that means you're doing something with yourself. keep on doing what you do. just lose some fat man, you're starting to cramp my style.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I always see the word Remix in your blogs. I figured out it was important to you. But this is the first time since I started reading you blog that you've explained what it's all about. I think that's an really good program to be running. I can't believe I haven't heard of it before.

lol You must think I live under a rock, and maybe I do.

Anyways, thank 11 year old Jesus for people like you guys


Tia said...

WELL SAID NEBBY!!!!!! you just happen to be a person that people are drawn to and if someone is stupid enough to hate on that then let them, girl you are great and as long as your friends and most importantly YOU know that then that's all that matters.

Jonny.Treeson said...

I see you jocking Photo-will, jocking Photo-Will...

Hahaha... Fuckers.

Unity for the future.
1 Love T.O.

*Co Co T* said...

First off let me say that im from Toronto, and Will i follow ur blog n think it's great(I'm not afraid to show some love!)...u seem like a great individual who has a lot of intelligence, and i think what u and the ppl around u are doing is great for T.O.. we need more ppl like yall who are trying to better themseleves, and do bigger n better things...i think it's sad that ppl always gotta hate n they don't even have the balls to say that they did it! Wack! but anyways WILL keep doin ur thing man...try n do some work before the strike is over lol... im a fellow peer as well (so im also living the strike life )...anyways KEEP YUR HEAD UP!

undefinable said...

you need to watch katt william its pimpin pimpin, you will look at haters in another perspective and will be actually glad to have them. lol