Sunday, November 2, 2008


Good news, my blackberry was found and returned! lol Thanks to T-Rexxx, Brock and Lo.

Also...I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the msgs and special thanks to Lancelot, Addy, Fresh, Shez, Bryan, Criso, Lee, Q, Dame, Seven, Mon, Jenn, Nebby, Drake, Milana, Dre and Worm for they're support and concern and company last night. Its good to know I have good peoples around when Im down.

Anyways, Lancelot dragged me out to the hotel pre-drink last night at the hotel. Apparently its the same suite Rick Ross stayed at during Caribana. I dont wanna tell you how much a night costs in the royal suite there...but lets just say its fuckin hectic. 2500 sq ft! that shits bigger than my house!
I forgot to record the sky light and the bedroom. But yes I did say skylight...and its only the 9th floor...there are still floors above it. lol

Ill post some pictures later, I have some stuff to do right now.

ps. i now have 23 chin hairs...word. lmao

pss. actually, ill tell u how much that suite costs...$3,500 for the night. But thats soft. Thats coffee change for me..*ahem...lmao. and it is the biggest hotel suite in the whole city.

psss. I wanted to stay over at the hotel last night, but I couldnt afford to pitch in. lol... I had to go around the spot asking Lancelot how much it would cost for to sleep in a particular corner...the cheapest spot (washroom was still too expensive for i went home)


Anonymous said...

23 chin hairs... that's effin amazing Will !
3,500/ per night... that's MADNESS!
And i can't believe you forgot your glowsticks, you suck!


jenn ma said...

love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sick hotel room...or should I say hotel "house" lol!

Glad to read that you got your life aka blackberry back!

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is not that some in my fridge right now left over from my birthday. Grey Goose is waaaaaaaaaaay better and it's alot cheaper. Sometimes cheap is better ;)

XOxo - Stephie said...

That hotel room/house reminds me of the movie Smokin' Aces but $3,500 a night? That's how much it is for a year at a dorm haha.

Karla said...

hotel house? more like hotel mansion!

wristpect said...


tilt said...


"hey how much does this cost?" " or this pillow", "i"ll sleep standing"


and its 2500sq ft. Will, u know how big 25,000 is??

lol... jokes.

Miss Taylor said...

lol!! lol!! Will... I don't know what I would do without ur blogs!! true story!

iLUVLOLA said...

I was about to soon as u went in a little, I was like I know that suite. That's where we booked Ross for Caribana...
You guys are having a blast in Toronto!!
I miss home :(