Sunday, November 23, 2008


Its 6am...I finally finished sifting through the 2000 pictures that I took from Saturday 8am - Sunday 1230am.
Of course I woke up late and didnt get to the bride's house in time. I slept only for 2 hours and drove uber quickly to get there.

Before I go any further, lemme just say congratulations to Fred and Susan on probably the happiest day of their lives. I know I didnt get a chance to say anything to you in person but know that you are extremely fortunate to have found each other at such a young age, but most importantly, I congratulate you on finding love. I wish you guys all the best, and hey Fred, you're gonna be the photographer at my wedding ok? lol

It may be due to pure ignorance on my part, but whenever there are a crapload of asians in one area, all I can think about is my favorite Hong Kong triad (mob) movie series "The Young and the Dangerous" (Highly recommended by the way. Those are OG Asian Mob movies. Every Asian gangster has seen those movies). But then again, the Groom and his party are all RP Chins. lol

The day starts off for me at 8am...I reach the house to take pics of the girls getting ready. Around 9am the boys get there.

There's an itinerary that the Bride is supposed to follow. Susan wasnt ready on time...maybe on purpose, so the bridesmaids made the grooms men play some borderline homo activities to stall. There's also a rule that the guys cannot come into the bride's house until $999 has be given in portions in the lucky red money envelope (lai sei...however the hell you spell it). Of course the $999 was never paid up...but $99 was
The first one activity was to use your mouth to pass the seaweed paper to the next man...*twitch
The next thing was two of the guys had to brush their teeth for 30 seconds with wasabi...

And then solve a math question and state the significance of the answer

Then put a diaper on

To prove Fred would be a good father, Duy Nanh had to sit on his lap. Fred had to put a bib on him and feed him strawberry jam with sour cream...

Thats P handing off another lucky red envelope of money...(PS. Red is goodluck to the Chinese and Vietnamese)

All the guys had to get a piece of their legs waxed to understand the pains of a woman...? lol

Fred had to eat something hot (a jamaican pepper), bitter (ginger), sour (i forgot) and sweet (maple syrup) to prove he was willing to endure the hot, bitter, sour and sweet times of their marriage...but since Fred said he was allergic to everything...Peter did it all for him. lmao

Fred and the boys had to serenade loud enough to get Susan out of her they sang that Boyz II Men song..."close your eyes, make a wish..." (forgot the name of that song)

They even made the chin do push ups! *Will kisses his teeth

They then start a tea ceremony which I didnt post any pictures of. Basically what happens is that Fred and Susan have to serve tea to everyone of their immediate family elders. They bow as they serve, and the elders bow as they receive it. The elders sip it, say some kind words and hands off money in the lei sei. Chinese and Vietnamese people dont give gifts for weddings, its usually always monetary gifts only.

Dont know if you can tell, but this lobster is probably as big as your thigh! No joke! That lobster is probably around $80 from the menu...

A bottle of Hennessy is placed on every one of the 30 tables.

My lil brother, Mike and I.

Free booze?

Aint no Asian restaurant complete without a golden good luck cat thing and some lucky bamboo!

We kept losing track of time...


Meet K (Kevin)'ll never see him sober...ever. Either ripped as hell or drunk as fuck.

I dont remember the bridesmaids names, but this was Jimmy's entrance. The intro music was Rick Ross - 'Hustlin' lol Swear words and all. There's a lot you can get away with in terms of musical selection when the majority of the elder's dont speak English. lol

Sheena and Peter...entrance music was that old school track..."Candy"

I dont know what the hell Duy Nanh had playing but it was Too $hort...and we know what he raps about. lol

My cousin Khanh came in with Jigga's 'Im a Hustla' we see a sort of pattern here?

And here comes Fred and Susan.

I love the picture below.

They had to pop the balloon without using their hands...

Henny, coke, tea or a heinny?...if you know know I would be draining that tea...I even pop tea pots in the club son! What chu know about that?

Jimmy is a messy eater...he refused to throw any of the lobster skin on his plate...he juss whipped on the table...when I asked why not just leave it on your plate...they'll just take the plate anyways, he responded with, their services have already been paid for. So they need to work for their pay now. lol...fuckin asshole. lol

The best men speech, Khanh and Duy Nanh. These two clowns had the most nonsensical speech Ive ever heard. They both decided not to write anything down nor rehearse. The game plan was get wasted and wing of course they Khanh said "Mother fucker", "Fuckin Shit" and a bunch of other swear words during his speech...all he ever really said was "Fred, I fuckin love you, and Susan you look good today. Like real good today." lmao

K tried to catch the bouquet. lol

and Peter catches the garder! lol "Haha! Im gettin married next bitches" says Peter on the mic. lol

Regent Park and Sauga up in this bitch!

I didnt leave the wedding reception until 1230am...

and fuck its 7am...Ive been up for 24 hrs with only 2 hrs of sleep...

Im outtie.



misscaine said...

you re a liar... they did not play rick ross...

May Nguyen said...

well said

Candice said...

Red & Gold wedding?

his cousin said...

Actually my intro song was hustlin from rick ross....

tilt said...

lol... jokes on all the shit they had to do b4 the wedding...

intro songs... so true... most of the elders don't know english..

one thing that is always for sure at chinese/vietnamese wedding...

food is off the chain, 10 course meal, fish, lobster, shrimp, fried rice, noodles, pork, etc... just think garden

and of course having a bottle of hennie or XO at each table.