Monday, November 24, 2008

*Will Blushes (no homo)

I check my Stat Counter everyday to see where my hits are at and occasionally, i check my recent visitors map (where my visitors come from)...I dont know what kind of intervals this map goes in, (in terms of the time periods my readers are documented on the map) so if you're from somewhere else thats not here, Im sure there's a reason for it.

Anyhow, the first thing I thought when I seen this map was how much I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their continued support and love. I know I like to psycho babble and what not...but thanks for listening anyways. lol. And dont worry, those posts I promised are still on their way. Ive just been mad busy with other things.

Once again, without psychobabbling again, thank you ever so much from the bottom on my heart. Dont worry...if anyone ever creates a bloggin award...and I win in some random category, Ill be sure to thank you guys all at the podium...and maybe go on a world tour to blog every one of my readers!

HEY! That wouldnt even be a bad idea. Although Im sure there wont be too many readers to blog about...Id still try. lol
PS. to anyone in the states, the team and I are planning to tour...for what purpose or cause? We have no idea yet...but you will be notified with a when and where.

Peace and love


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...


Nebby said...

WTF! find something else to write about copier...the word verification for this comment im about to post was "GETOFFMYNUTS"

XOxo - Stephie said...

The purpose/cause? Plain & simple. The movement up in Toronto, which a lot of states folks know little to nothing about, depending on where they live & if they have access to your great blog (:

Club hop! Don't forget to go to Tampa, that's where I'll be at lol.

Anonymous said...

tour? ha.

Anonymous said...

Happy 300th Blog Entry

Anonymous said...

im all done with school pretty bored on the internet...can you please post something soon???? lol

no rush, but

BNyce said...

na na naaa.. fuck dat/.
i want an award for readn yo blogs.
eff dat.
matter of fact...gimmie a dolla!!

J. said...

lmao @ Nebby's comment. Internet high five on that one sister! lol And I agree, us silly Americans(well most of us) know little to nothing about the great white north so youd be like a cultural ambassador. haha But as Lupe would say,"Chicago main...."