Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fred's Special Cake

So my homeboy Fred is getting married next week, so we all met up at my cousins last night to do a pre-drink before we hit the strip joint...
Unfortunately these bitch faces laced the cake. Now, Im a drug free I dont do well with any of this shit. lol
Lets also say I had way way way way too much of that fuckin cake, especially for a person who doesnt blaze on the regular...or even ever. lol
Before you knew it...I was laughing for no reason, then falling asleep...several times I found myself finding myself...I was on a major paranoia trip suddenly waking up hearing noises...and I constantly felt like I was falling...even though I was sitting on the floor. Im sure not very many people feel like this when they're high. But I think my intake was way too 'high.' lol no means was it a fun trip...Ive always had bad experiences with these Thats why I never touch them. Ill stick to my alcohol.
So in case you were wondering what was in the cake...

lol... brother sent me this msg after I downed 2 slices...fuckin' a.

The 'butter' they're referring to is weed butter. I didnt know what the fuck weed butter was...until my cousin told me.
From what I remember, boil the weed, dash in some butter, pour the weed out into a sift with a paper towel underneath the sift. The water runs through the paper towel and the butter will dry and harden on the paper towel...use the butter in the cake batter...

Just in case you wanted to know...unless you already did.

Anyhow...we never hit the titty bar, Fred passed out by 10pm...and I was gone by 11...I yacked 4 times from 11-12am...and I knocked out from 12-3pm...I was pretty much game over, and quarterless. I woke up, ate a stackload of Pringles...and drove my ass home from the east end. lol.
Dont worry I was straight to drive tho...I never drive unless Im straight. Trust me...too much life to live to risk it.

If you have never had Aloe Vera drink...fuck! Ur sleeping! Try that shit! It is the best drink ever!!!


Anonymous said...

i loooooove how you were so oblivious the entire time!
and i strongly agree, aloe juice with aloe pulp is theeee shit !

- Candice

Sang Frais said...

lol, that's fucked up man. I woulda got super pissed at myself for eating 2 slices before finding out there was weed in the cake. I can't do that drug shit either. Just give me the alcohol. I've had the Aloe drink before too and couldn't stand it. It tasted too much like Vaseline.

Alizé said...

Aloe Vera Drink is the SHIZNIT!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff!!

Anonymous said...

LOL we call it Spacecake in Amsterdam.
That shit can really fuck you up!

Chilly Willy said...

Shiet! I got a reader in amsterdam? Lol

Wicked! Lol