Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ill be your groupie baby...

This is one of my fave songs of all time.
I remember sitting in the car with my boys (no homo) a few summer ago when the Confessions first dropped and singing the words to the song and acting out all the lyrics of the first verse. lol
And I also remember saying to myself 'I cant wait to sing this song to someone and sincerely mean it.'

Regardless of all the mishaps and ups and downs I go through I havent given up on wanting to be in love or given up on the fact that it exists.
Some people might be is this chin talking about? This dudes soft.

Nah, Im juss keeping shit real. I dont care about what people think about me.
Last of a dying breed.
In a generation where players are glorified and promiscous behaviour has become more acceptable...I am an anomalie. I dont care if no one agrees with me. I dont care if anyone thinks Im foolish and naive. Whatever. I dont care for an empty life of money, fun and material things.

I care for happiness, love and adventure.

Dog me if you will.

Say what you want but being able to love and care for another person is a beautiful feeling, especially when its reciprocated.
There is no gratitude like that of making someone happy and feeling special. To know that you've made their day. That today, they felt like someone else. And today, they felt like that because of you.

To kiss her forehead. To tuck her in at night and blow lightly on her eyelids. To hold her hand while tickling her palm with my thumb. To rub her back. To bathe her skin and massage her temples when she's stressed. Hug her tight and embrace her lovingly. To make her smile, make her laugh and take her to new places. To experience new things and open her mind, letting her believe, allowing her to trust, taking away her insecurities, letting her let go...

having her fall in love with you...

Love, is what I yearn to feel again.

A lot of you wont know what Im talking about at all.
One day you will...or not. Your call.

My life requires a partner, someone to turn to, someone to hold my sanity and sense of self in tact. Remind me who I am and where I come from.
I could travel this road alone, but Id rather hold someone's hand.
Happiness is a lot better when multiplied, sadness is a lot easier when divided.

Some people say, even after all the heart breaks you've been through, you would go through it all again?
Of course I would.
I will willingly head into every relationship and endure every heartbreak and ache if I sincerely felt I would eventually love them and it could be something beautiful.
I just need to believe the potential exists.
I could be wrong, but thats fine.
My mistake will serve as a lesson.
A lesson I will learn from.

The bleeding eventually stops
Scars and its memories are forever.
But all wounds heal.
Pain temporary.

Hopefully your end will justify the means.
But you'll never know, if you never try.
I will gladly take the choice with the high risk of failing as long as theres a small chance of succeeding.

In my eyes, a life without risk is one not worth living.
Life is too short to live it without excitement and fulfillment.

We could all die tomorrow.
If I die, than let me do so with a smile.
I cant play the 'what if' game.
If it feels right, just do it.
If you were wrong,
oh well...

The hands keep ticking.
Time never stops.
Move clockwise.

Keep on keeping on.

Live Love Laugh



Gorgeous Lynette said...

aww! I remember hearing these songs and being so irked that they were out of order in song sequence. It should've been Yeah, Confessions, & then burn. But besides the point hopefully you'll find what you're looking for one day.

Anonymous said...

i completely get what you're saying...and i think its great that you're strong enough to hold on to the things to really value in life...your views on love are really refreshing, especially with how things are these days.
i don't think your alone in your thoughts on love and what you want from life i just think that sometimes people settle for what they can get and i think its really admirable that you don't do that.
i do think that sometimes people are grateful for any kind of love they can get and end up accepting causal relationships and interactions because its something rather than nothing...but i'm totally gettin off topic! haha
great post! and great thoughts!

THATgirl said...

I have a relationship question for you Will:
How do you feel about an age difference in a relationship? Like, let's say a female is 19 and she is talking to/dating/in a relationship with a guy who is 25, should that be a problem? She has always been mature (in looks and mentally--people have always thought she was much older than she really is) and it has been hard for her to date males her age because a lot of them aren't as mature as she is.
What should she do? Is it odd/wrong/not at all okay for her to talk to/date/be in a relationship with a guy who is 25? And should he feel odd about the situation? What would you do if you were in this situation?


Sean said...

damn will you dr phil my dude...ppl comin to u for relationship advice cus of your blog..thas wsup!! lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

'sigh' I wish you loved in my town lol

I'm sure you'll find your soul mate :)

SS said...

this was really deep
i was slightly moved ..

maybe you should consider writing romance novels, since you always know what to say..your wooing ladies out here


Anonymous said...

I hear that. Live love laugh.. I actually have that tattooed around my wrist :) Loved this post... Keep on keepin on homie.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! you have written down the words that sit in my mind, yet i couldn't have said it any better. i would definately do everything i've ever done again. i've always gone the extra mile to make my man feel like a king even though sometimes i lost myself in the midst of doing so. damn will, marry me now!! lol

Cass said...

Def one of the last of a dying breed!

D said...

Wow...ur def the last in an already short line of hopeless romantics. I have never been in love and didn’t really want to be based on the heartache I've seen people go through. However, somehow your words just kind of made me want for something I've never had, despite the possible hurt. (Specifically the whole kissing on the forehead, allowing her to trust, having her fall in love with you, ya know that whole bit) If men like you existed near me maybe then I'd be interested in traveling down that road. Whenever you find that lady she will be lucky because your def going to cherish her and make her happy. I remember your homegirl Nebby commenting on a post one day about how she'd be jelly if someone scooped you up…girl, take him before they can! But given his view on friends and relationships not sure how that would wrk…newho, I digress. I'll hold onto hope for you that you'll find all that you desire. Maybe I'll hold onto some hope for myself too that one day I'll find that... maybe?

Cha' ya kno what? I think you should jus journey down to B-more and we should discuss some thangs... ha! Peace

D. said...

And sidenote yea...this is SO one of my favorite songs on that album! And can you handle it and thats what its made for...I burned the hell out of those songs on my ipeezie! And seduction. Thats like number 1 on my list of most played songs on there at least 500..I had in on repeat before bed and it played thru the night..yea..od I know. Ha!

Anonymous said...

that was really beautiful