Thursday, November 13, 2008


These pics are from...I think it was like back in June...Nebby and I decided to hit the zoo.
She calls me in the morning and says...

nebby: hey will, what should I wear? stillettos? or knee highs?
will: ...? hello...*fuck did I accidentally call the escort service?
nebby: no seriously...will? What should I wear?
will: those really arent ur choices are they? ur really gonna wear one of those?
nebby: Aarrrggghhh...well what are you gonna wear?
will: I dont know...prolly a beater and camo shorts and white kicks...
nebby: ...hmmm...ok...


So I meet her by her crib...and guess what the fuck she leaves her house wearing?

like fuckin a right???!!! and she refused to go back inside to change her clothes...fuckin clown.

could this animal have any more other animal names for a name?

its the geico gecko...I wonder how much I saved this time?

She kissed the frog expecting for it to turn into a Prince...

But what happened was SHE turned into a Prince...lmao!

Last thing we need is escaping birds, the lord knows I have a phobia of birds. lol

NYC aint got shit on the Giant Brazilian Cockroaches.

I was too scared to take a picture of this I juss took a pic of the sign...

I know...Im an idiot

She was so posing for this shit

Big daps to Nebby for being one of the very few girls I ever go out with that offer to take the camera and take a picture of me without huffing and puffing about it! Mon is the only other person who takes the camera from me...but she exhales so damn loud when she does! boo you mon!

Nebbs made me do this word.

She says she hurt herself...pure u even see anything?
This is nebby getting her britney spears on...what video was this from again? "sometimes"...?

This is Nebby fingering Wall-E's eye hole.

She never graduated from ESL (english as a second language) of course she climbed the rocks

fuckin hell, we even had matching sunglasses...

Besides me, Nebby is the next biggest idiot I know...

But of course, I will always be number one. You dont even know how hot that surface was!

Her first MTV crib episode

She said "I bet I can pose and look better than you on this car."

U said it...but u aint got shit on me...

not even close, ma.

She was running on a high and dry streak...cant lie, aint a bad choice for a piece of plump ass.

The peacock that escaped...

She was mocking the monkeys.

She made me do it...

I have nothing clever to say about this...

After the zoo, Nebby felt fat, so she offered to pay for dinner since I paid for the zoo. So she made me drive her ass all the way downtown to eat...and then we chilled around in the alley, I set up a tri-pod, put my cam on timer...and this is what we did for 25 mins...sigh...

And then she made me drive her ass all the way back home...frickin cow. This is a picture of me changing the track that was playing after she was fiddling with the stereo.
Dont you know to never touch a black man's stereo?
In case you're wondering why there arent much animal pics...there are...I took a crapload of a cow named Nebby...lmao


Anonymous said...

y u keep posting things uve already posted?

Chilly Willy said...

cuz its not in the blog, and I like the way the blog looks opposed to facebook.

plus im out of things to blog about until tomorrow or so...

Anonymous said...

word im in love with ure homegirl brudda.

Anonymous said...

aww i love these pics! you guys look like you had so much fun haha great pictures of the animals, you're great!

Anonymous said...

I got the top secret photos proving these two are dating.

both you guys are slipping.

thinkin motherfuckers ain't watchin where you

Gorgeous Lynette said...

aww. that looked like such a good time. You guys should try the aquarium next. & that's so funny she copied you. she's really pretty too. hilarity. & you take good pics.

nicki83 said...

If you ever decide to teach classes on photography, I will drive all the way from Kitchener to take them!! :D

Nebby said...

will oh will, why do you always lie about things?!?!?!? hmm??? i called you asked you what i should wear to the zoo cuz it was 140 degrees then you were like i think you should wear a bikini then i said naaaaaah im just gonna wear some baggy army shorts and a white pull up and you are wearing THE SAME THING tisk tisk tisk at you and your lies THENNNN you had on black shoes and when you saw i was wearing my white dunks you were like WAIIIIT I THINK I HAVE WHITE SHOES IN THE TRUNK you are a mess but i still love you and ANONYMOUS BE me and will ARE NOT DATING AND YOU HAVE NO PROOF! oh and thank you for the compliments *blushes*

Anonymous said...

Of course Neb and Will aren't dating...that's cuz her and DRIZZY are!! ;D

Anonymous said...

so will.. why don't you tell this other "anonymous" commenter who you were with earlier this week? holding hands walking in front of R****?

Motherfuckers think I don't have the proof.

Paparazzi is where ya'LL be. at.

And Nebby - don't front. You know I got the photos.


Trimaine said...

LoL @ never touch a black man's radio.

The Zoo is str8 up WACK!!

Animals aren't doing shit except the tigers. And that "GREAT BARRIER REEF." of a muthafucka, wasn't so damn great.

I remember saying to Hannah..

"This shit right here? This shit is the Great Barrier Reef? Ain't this a bitch."

False ass advertising. Shiiiiiiit, they make that bitch look so sick on the internet and TV.

Crystal said...

um the "Tiger Rat Snake" is it's only name... the other ones are in french (i think) and latin (i think again)

LOL... your badness

Crystal said...

PS: these animals don't give a fuck about visitors anymore... they've been domesticated like a mofo and the only enjoyment they would seek is someone leaving the door wide open by accident and then being able to break free and rip us all to shreds for "taping on the glass" , making weird noises to get their attn, or having gone blind from too many camera flashes in their eyes.

so sad