Friday, November 7, 2008


I spent most of my afternoon and evening with my homegirl Nebby helping her move and stuff. The day was mad jokes as we made 2 trips back and forth. There were too many jokes for me to remember and list right now...and plus, they were kinda the "you had to be there" type thing.

The best part was when it was Nebby, her sister, me and some random person in the elevator, and I randomly say while we're in the elevator holding garbage bags of stuff...
"Hey Nebby, do you think we're going to make a lot at this garage sale?"
"I hope so, I really wanna go to Mexico."
"Well if it doesnt work, Ill run a bake sale or a carwash."
"Yea, maybe Ill start stripping."
...*awkward silence
"But I dont want you stripping no more."
"Why not?"
"I just didnt like the way that Pretty Tony used to treat you. I think it was degrading."
"Well the money doesnt feel that degrading."
"I know but still..."
"All I have to do is call him daddy."

That random girl in the elevator musta felt like she was tripping and disgusted by Nebby's stripper story.
PS. Nebby and I's story in the elevator was fictional, aint no garage sale, no bake sale and no stripping history. lol. Dont be gullible.

Nebby, you know I have mad love for you right? lol
Nebby says "ouuu, I like the lights in the back..."
I have no idea what shes doing here...looks like shes about to pull some food from her mouth and whip it on the floor...eeww...ggrrrrrross!

"eeww Will, looks like Im pregnant..."
"I concur."

"No fuckin way, theres a mattress on your car"
"aww man...again...?"
"I think someone was sleeping on your car while we were upstairs. lol"
"I fuckin hate it when that happens."

Here's the little kitten that we're having to leave behind...:(...I miss him already. He liked me too...followed me everywhere that afternoon...

No fuckin way right? We seen this lady at the dollar store...with like over 60 items...I hope one of those items was a sewing or patching kit. lol Nebby took this picture on her curve feeling no ways as 7 ppl stood behind her in the line...I told her I wanted it for the blog and she said ok. lol do you not feel that nasty breeze when you're walking...Straight up, if I felt no shame, I woulda tried to pull a David Cop-a-feel, still. Ass is ass. lmao


Nebby said...

this is so fukin great i love it...u know im gonna steal the UGLY pix and do my own remix to this post holla at your big homie i love you so so sooooo much!

Kizzy said...

I'm sorry, but if that was me in the elevator with yall I would have been dying. ESPECIALLY once she said "All I have to do is call him daddy." OD! Its great to have friends that'll be major goof troops with you. As for the lady at the dollar store LMAO. Dude at least make sure you have a NICE ass if you're gonna make that fashion statement. You can't have no pale saggy crater booty. Not cute white lady, not cute at all............oNe

Sang Frais said...

EWWW!!!!!!!!! How does that lady not feel the breeze comin from that big ass rip in her jeans. Oh yeah, the kitty's cute. I fuckin love cats(in that good way of course,lol,wait that still doesn't sound right)

Anonymous said...

K, I just have a quick question totally not about this post, but you seem like the man to ask. My friend and I live outta town and wanna come to Toronto tomorrow night to go clubbin/par-taying. You seem like you're always out and having fun so any suggestions?

P.S. The last pic is priceless! Nasty, but priceless! ROFL!

Chilly Willy said...

ummm...what crowd are u looking for and kinda music?

umm...ill be at guverment tmr in the drink, they play hip hop and some mainstream (since they go live to air from 12-1am on a top 40 station), ummm...

I dunno, there are a million and 10 things to do...urban stuff in toronto are fridays, all the mixed crowd parties on sats...and sundays...i dunno...weekdays are

I dont party...i just work. lol

and on occassion if i get too many free beers, i get trashed. lol

Anonymous said...

Ya my friend did mention Guv so we will probably come and check it out! Thanks Will!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

That pic made my day! lol

Anonymous said...

have you ever been in the position when someone did something embarrasing or had something embarrasing happen to them and some how YOU felt embarressed for them???

Thats how I would have felt looking at that ladies ass, and knowing that there was a long ass line behind me looking in shock. I feel so bad for her....

damn...does she just have a wedgie or a thong on????? lol, hey, just curious since it's out there...

Nebby said...

hey anonymous since i was the one who took the pic and i was up close and personal, i took more than one pic too but will and I picked the best one out of the 5, anyway she actually didn't have a thong on and it wasn't a reg. undie either it was one of those in between under-wears the ones that are like booty shorts but not really? u kno? anyway i was embarrassed for her for sure but she was so careless and i was so surprised to see that she didn't feel the breeze because i was also blowin air in her direction to see if maybe she would feel anything...but nothing ...which went to tell me that she loves it. that lady def. made our night.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "i was also blowin air in her direction to see if maybe she would feel anything..."


Anonymous said...

nebby that is hilarious!

I don't see how you guys kept your composure well enough to take a photo!

I would have died of laughter...i would have had to tell her about herself..even if it killed me..

I couldnt bare the thought of her leaving the dollar store only to walk into a grocery store or WALMART to get put on blast by everyone in toronto! OOPPS, its too late for that CHILLY WILLY!!

Anonymous said...

yo, that's my mom yall talking bout!!!!!

Tanya said...

Hey will,that's nebby drake's gf right? she's super cute even in the 'pregnant' picture LOL luv her blogg i LMAO at the ass picture you guys are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think Neb and Drake are an item? Did they both come out and confirm that or something? Maybe I missed something lol! I just don't understand how in today's society two good looking people of the opposite sex can't be just good friends. Why does it always gotta be that they fucking, or they a couple? If they said it, my bad, but if they didn't why all the assumptions? They must think its hella funny too that y'all are so sure that they together lol!

Anonymous said...

they are. It's Kind of common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Did they call you up and tell you that they are? I agree with Anonymous #1...don't people usually confirm these things? How is it common knowledge? Because they are friends? Some people are so wack. Let them confirm this. Don't go making assumptions.

Anonymous said...

....Aren't you assuming that I am assuming, thus proving yourself slightly hypocritical?....hmmm...They don't confirm it because a) Stuff like this happens everytime they are talked about and they both love the attention and stuff like this; and b) you're right, just because random people ask doesn't mean they are going to nor are obligated to spill their business.
Think of Rihanna and Cris Brown, they have been dating for years and are always together etc, but they have yet to confirm they are more than just "inspiring people they are happy to have in their life".

stinky.face said...

lmao at that nasty breeze i love you guys.

MJ :) said...

LMFAAaaaaoooo that pic is joookes. (the ass photo) hahahaha good paparazzzi skills nebby-- who I don't know.

Janine said...

The anonymous Nebby and Drake comments are hysterical!

@"i was also blowin air in her direction to see if maybe she would feel anything..." Why, Nebby? Just...why?? LMAO!!!