Monday, November 17, 2008

WALL-E drops this Tuesday! BUY IT!!!

Eve's to Keep from Francis Hwang on Vimeo.


I just wanted to let everyone know that the Wall-E DVD/Blue-Ray drops this Tuesday, and you all gotta go buy it!

Rarely will I make movie recommendations, but Wall-E is my shit!
More than a movie about robots, the future, its actually a love story. Word.
Its also a sad movie for me to think about due to the memories that Ive attached to it. I really feel like Im a Wall-E (or a WILL-E) most of the time and Im quite sure that Ive actually met my real life version of Eve (more or less and relatively speaking) and I seen it with her. lol
We were both able to relate to our respective fact, my pursuit of Eve was probably just as difficult...esp with the holding hands issue! lmao (you know its true, just laugh esp in retrospect, I know you're reading this).

This movie is amazing. Kinda wished it never ended but you know kids movies cant be too long, kids have A.D.D. and they get restless easily. But I had a smile on my face from beginning to end just because I adored this movie so much.

I found this clip while cruising around online, and its perfect. The song they used is perfect, because I used to play this song with Eve in the car. She may not remember but yea. lol

Anyways, I encourage everyone to watch this movie and make sure you have a special someone beside you...cuz you'll feel hella lonely when its done. lol

My fave part is where they fly through space...
and the part where Eve is turned off and he does so many special things for her, but she doesnt see any of it, til after.

Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean...and really take in whats happening.

Dont you ever do things for your significant others when they're not around or when they cant see or hear it...and wish that somehow they knew that you did that for them? As if life was a reality show and they could just go home and watch what you did? (in a non-creeper, stalker way). Like you'd go tell her friends how amazing she is...and they would go back and say 'you know what he said about you? its so cute! blah blah blah.' lol
Or like when you're doing something for them that you spent hours on, and when she asks...ur like..."its no biggie...did it in 5 mins"...but somehow she found out how hard you worked on it, and u laboured away in sweat just to make her smile...even knowingly that you may never receive the adequate gratification or recognition for the work you put in? Or am I the only guy who is this selfless? lol. I would most certainly hope not.

'You need to know, Im not just with you when Im with you.'

Relationships are a fulltime thing. I take my work home. Put in the overtime, or even charity hours without pay. Thats wassup. Go WALL-E! lol. This movie is awesome!

Hit me up if you've seen it! Dont you sometimes wish the pursuit of happiness/love was that epic...well obviously it wont be as epic as in WALL-E...but you know what I novel or movie worthy...? Hey, it does happen, and to all you sour pusses who believe life cant be that magical...its all about your perspective (and of course the guy or girl you meet). It is what you make of it. Keep dreaming and never stop.

I did tear a lil at the end. Yea! I said it! But I dont think anyone noticed, I wiped that shit off fast son! Im only human. lol If somehow you hate this need to go check if you're human...because you may be lacking some emotions and basic sensitivity. lol

(THE ONLY 3 MOVIES I WOULD RECOMMEND FROM THIS PAST SUMMER IS WALL-E, THE DARK KNIGHT AND FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL...and I just seen Quantum Of Solace...the main Bond girl is BADDD!!! like holy fluckeronni! I didnt know Russians had it like that?! But if you're going in expecting a sex scene...sigh...just know I was cheering for one during the cave'll know what Im was good, unsatisfying ending...but

ok here here...I dont really support bootleg movies and music, but people who bootleg are people who usually tend not to buy dvds or cds anyways. For everyone who likes to support artists and good work (like me) go out and buy or rent it! everyone's a bootleg version I found for all y' yea...thank me later, although Id still recommend you watching this in high-res to experience the difference it makes in sound, vision and emotions. lol.



Alizé said...

OMG I love this movie Will!!

By far one of my fave movies of all time.

Its funny, I could relate to the movie as well.. esp w/ the eve holding hands thing LOL.

Can't wait to buy mine!!!

mitch said...

this (aside from The Dark Knight) was my favourite movie of the year. so touching. best animated movie since Toy Story...

saw this with my little brother (8) in theaters, and had to hold back some tears myself.

so damn good.

Anonymous said...

Will definitely watch the movie with someone special! Lol... Ill have to make them, but its all good. All because of your post! So sweet.