Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PROM 2002 & 2003

Im taking you back to June of 2002...Prom at Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute.
As if my light skinned ass didnt stand out enough, I had to wear a white suit...(an oversized one...but lets pretend I looked good for 2002 lol)

Above are the dudes I actually still talk to til this day. Beside me (Im the guy in the white is Owen (married), Dame (to be married), Gemini (has a son now) and John (Married with 2 daughters)

I was actually in grade 11 for this prom, and my date was an O.A.C. student (grade 13 for all you non-Canadians or anyone reading this that may be too young). Thats her below, Kiesha.

you might notice my hair being really long, thats because I was growing it to braid it. lol

I bet you cant find me...yea right! I stick out like a sore thumb...notice Im the only guy staring at my camera.

This is Owen's wife, Shamiran. :)

Jamie, Dame and I...

Yea...there werent many non-black people at Boylen. lol


Now, I take you to June of 2003, Prom of York Memorial Collegiate Institute (aka Memo).
I moved to a new school in grade 12. Everyone who went to Boylen was older than me, and after prom, they all graduated and left to college, university or to jail. lol. So I decided to move to a new school and make new friends.

You'll see me below
Thats because the girl I was deeply in like with, Sara came separately...why? Because Sara's best girlfriend was coming alone. Why? Because apparently her date sold out...bah. I only cared for Sara...I was pursuing her all year (I was in grade 12 and she was in O.A.C.). I told myself before Prom, if I wasnt going with Sara, I was going alone.
Sure enough, I went alone.

Below is a pic of Rochelle, Ross, Me, Faisal, Yonique, Nef, Shevanne (Yes, I said Shevanne! lmao) and Dezani.

(Below this giant blurb is a picture of Sara) This is Sara. lol. I assure you that my stupid film camera will not do justice to the beauty she possessed as an OAC student.
Let me tell you a story about Sara and how we first met in late 2002. My best friend at the time was Francisco (aka Cisco), we both came to Memo in search of new 'fahachums' (like the FHM magazine...thats the word we made up for what FHM stood for. Fahachum meaning hot girl). I noticed Sara a few times in the hallways in school but never said anything to her because I was new. Didnt know if she had a man. Didnt wanna be beefing with no one so early in the year.
Sara and I were total opposites, I chilled with the black kids in school listening to dancehall, reggae and rap. Dressed in baggy jeans, jerseys, tims, AF1's and big earrings. Sara was you're American Eagle girl who was more conservative and loved the Backstreet Boys. But I had the biggest crush on her. Cisco and I never knew her name, so we just called her 'Pretty Face." lol
One day in early October, I finally come into 'close' contact with her. She was leaving the pizza shop across the street during lunch and I was juss getting there. I nudge Cisco and say "There she is, there she is. Pretty face." lol.
Of course my heart slowed down a little bit and all of a sudden everything around me sounded like it was underwater. lol. We both cross the street walking into eachother's direction. I looked at her quickly and noticed she was looking at I kept looking right into her eyes to see when she would look away. She never did. We walked passed eachother still staring at eachother's eyes. I didnt know whether to look back or not when I had already passed her, but I did. She wasnt least I dont remember her doing so.

Ive never had game. If girls dont approach me or Im not introduced to them through mutual friends or Im not their partner in class...than I would never know them. lol. So far that issue has actually worked to my advantage.

So one day in weight training class (yea, I used to work out...believe or not), this dude Thomas is like "I know you like her. You want me to introduce you guys?"
Im like "Nah, its cool. She prolly thinks Im a loser."
"She's cool man."
"Nah its cool." (in my mind Im saying, fuck, I hope this isnt grade 7 with Kerstin all over again).

One day after class, Thomas runs outta class early and comes back to find me and says "You know she thinks you're cute right."
I immediately blush. lol
"She does not."
"She just told me."
"Swear to God!"
"Why would I lie?"
"...So now what?"
"Go say hi to her..."
"And say what?"
"Hi?! What the fuck else?"
"...thats weird man, I cant just go up to her and say hi."

He shrugs and says "Well whatever, I did my part, its up to you now."

I stood there thinking for awhile and then walked downstairs to her locker...her locker was in the main hallway. I juss remember all the kids walking passed me and bussling away trying to leave. But everyone was moving so slow mo and blurrily. lol I walked slower and slower as I got to her locker...I closed my eyes really tightly, opened them up and said:
''re Sara right?'
'Hey. Yea I am.'
...*awkward silence
' sorry, Thomas came down and told you some funny things huh?'
'Yea, its ok.'
...*awkward silence
'You know what, Ill just tell you. I think you're incredibly beautiful. I dont mean to sound creepy, but you are. Im so nervous talking to you right now. I really am. Im shaking.'
(I showed her my hands...and they were really were shaking! lmao No lie!)
*she blushes, tucks her hair behind her ear and continues putting books in her bag.
'Um, well yea...I just wanted to tell you that...'
'I think you're really cute too.'




"You do?"

*she smiles.
*I continue shaking (not violently...just subtle shaking)

'Im getting butterflies right now...Wow! Do I ever sound lame."
*she smiles again
'Well...ummm, can I walk you to the bus stop?'
'Sure I dont take the bus. I live just down the street. But Ill walk you to the bus stop.'

*I smile back and walk with her.
We get outside, and her friends are actually waiting on her. She introduces them to me. Her 2 best friends say
'Wow, we were wondering when you'd say hi to her.'
'lol. Really? Why do you say that?'
'She thinks your so cute.'
*I look back at Sara and she's blushing and telling them to shut up and not embarrass her.
*I blush too
They then go on complimenting me on how I dressed and blah blah. About 5 minutes later, I leave her friends and continuing walking with Sara to my bus stop. I remember this next part like it was yesterday. Funniest and lamest thing Ive ever said.
She goes, "So what are you doing tonight?"
"Ill be on the phone with you if you give me your number..."


"smooth." she says while laughing.

I really did call her that same night. I dont play that stupid waiting game. We spent 5 hours on the phone talking about everything. The most memorable thing she told me was, that day that I was crossing the street to the pizza store, nudging Cisco says its her, its her, she was actually nudging her friend (who I didnt even notice) saying 'its him, its him'

Anyways, we went on our first date a few days later. I bought her blue roses (so lame) and we watched 'The Ring' at Yorkdale. lol. She laughed through all the scary parts, while I closed my eyes. lol. The rest is I wonder where she is now...? lol

Oh yea, when we had to do pretend marriages for family studies, I actually married Sara! lmao I have pics of us walking down the aisle somewhere...gotta find it tho. lol...she actually asked me to marry her...wouldnt that make life for men so much easier huh?

I was only at Memo for a year but I somehow managed to win Class Clown of the Year. lol. I woulda been down with Prom King...but the mix guy won...he was also Student Council President...shit was rigged anyhow.

Yep, thats Shev again with her cleavage. lol
In case you're wondering, those lines on my head are rings around my head. I was trying to do the asian waves. Cut rings around ur head like a beehive and press it down with a du-rag. Layered like on a black dude. lol...unfortunately, I was in such a rush I forgot to press my hair so my head just looked like a beehive. lol

That's the vice principal, not a student in case you're wondering.

One of my most fave teachers of all time, Ms. Turner. I still visit her every 2 months or so. Dont watch her tan. lol

We didnt rent a limo...we came in the drop son...thats how we do it out here on Eglinton West. lol


Anonymous said...

She goes, "So what are you doing tonight?"
"Ill be on the phone with you if you give me your number..."


BOM BOM lol - I died. That was too smooth Will.

Appreciate the throwback tale


The Definition said...

"I'll be on the phone with you if you give me your number."

Priceless, and so very adorable.

ps. them asian waves were not the business Will lol.

Anonymous said...

ohhh man your Sara story made my day!! and ur highschool reminiscing got me all nostalgic and shit haha...great posts!

BNyce said...

lol awwwwwwwwww

2 things...

im WEAK at the " baby mama" crew. u stupid for that hahha

second thing... Im weak at how alllll the girls u take pics with... alll pose with u the same way. lol

tilt said...


what are you doing tonight?

I'll be on the phone with you if you give me ur number!!


that story made my day dude.

u should go find this girl sara today? facebook her? lol