Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yea I Copped It

I spent damn near 40 doll hairs (including taxes) on the 3 disc special edition of WALL•E and another 12 doll hairs on the 808's and Heartbreak album...Im pretty Ye'd out (no bayday) but I had to cop anyways to add it to my collection of Ye, yo. lol My fave tracks are still Say You Will and Bad News. And make sure you guys go watch Wall-E! No joke! And make sure you have company when you do!

Ummm...I really dont have anything to blog...I have video footage of the guys playing that coin tossing game at Remix today while the new Drake mixtape was playing in the background...but
Im still deciding if I should blog it...the music is good...the footage is boring. lol

I have a very interesting post for you guys tomorrow. If everything pulls through that is...

Lets see...what can I talk about tonight...I havent typed anything on this blog since forever. I havent been really inspired by anything in particular thats been blog worthy. I know I said Id drop those posts I listed a few posts back, but I aint amped so I cant write. lol

Aha! I know...gimme a few minutes...Ill blog some nostalgic stuff. lol...yea...yea!!! lol


Gorgeous Lynette said...

Wall-e? I'll think on it. But, I did buy Kanye's album 2 days EARLY. I got it from downtown on Saturday at this music shop in chicago.

D said...

Whoo hoo Wall-E! I am DEF buying this movie. I finished watching the movie via another rip online and it was MAGNIFICENT! Did I cry at the end? Sure did! I'm not ashamed..grown woman crying over a cartoon movie...yuppers, thats me! Ha..