Friday, November 21, 2008

Im Back Like The Future

The picture above is a good analogy of what Ive been in the last lil while...


Ive spent the past 2 days just taking it easy and breathing. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life, Remix and good friends.

Thank you to everyone for the phone calls, the BB msgs, Facebook msgs and blog comments.
*Will tips his hat

Oddly enough, I havent craved to blog in the past 2 days...but I think Ive been away for long enough and judging by the visitor counter...a steady number of readers have still been visiting...maybe by accident, or maybe waiting on the a new post.

Either way, heres my welcome back post.

Ive done a lot of thinking and realized that...

I am who I am
and I am who Im not.

I can only be me.
I cant be anyone for anyone.
I can be me for me.

Ill never change.
This is me, everyday.

I was never really gone.
I was never really away.

The past 2 days was merely a pit stop.
We all gotta pull over at some point to refuel...
But Im Fueled up.
Back on track.
Shifting gears.
Pedal to the floor.

see you at the finish the line.


The Definition said...

It'd be my pleasure to be the first (i think/hope) to welcome you back. I'd like to drop a quote on ya, hope you like it and can apply it to your everyday.

"The past, at times, is dark and abysmal. I am not afraid. The present is all some are awarded. I will cherish this time. The road ahead is undoubtedly arduous. I am prepared. There will be days when those that love me most will turn their backs on me. I will always forgive and never forget. There will be times when the corner I'm backed into will be what keeps me standing. I will never stop fighting my way out. My God, my family, my integrity, and my word are all that I have. I will never abandon them. Peace, love, and blessings will manifest in your life once you allow them to do so." -Me, Kizzy

Welcome back Chilly Willy Carter lol......oNe

amadeusz said...

Glad to see your back homie

BNyce said...

knewww it wouldnt last for long!

glade ur backkkkk.. I WOULD OF MISSED UR BLOG POSTS!!

nicki83 said...

We're all still here Will :)
So glad you're back! I missed your blog posts in my life...I can breathe again lol!

MissMorley said...

I love you Will..I'm glad your back to hugs and smiles.. I hope you realize that at the end of the day you are the illest and everyone will still love you regardless of what an ass you may temporarily turn into =P


P.S that Kizzy is a wise one..