Thursday, November 13, 2008


These pics are about a year old. Lola and I rolled through sorta late and got locked up in the VIP room that overlooks the mainfloor. It was cool...except my pictures sucked cuz I was so
They kinda sucked anyways, I was still learning the camera at this point. One of the first concerts I ever did, so expect no pro-ness from me. lol

The picture below is the inside of the VIP glass room that I was stuck in taking pictures for the most part.

The two women on your right is Venus and Juss Red from FLOW (in case you didnt already know)

Mr. Ron D. himself, remember him right? From the Toronto track I posted?

That looks just like Lupe but it aint, thats Lupe's cousin or something, I forgot. He plays the keyboard for Lupe. I dont even remember what happened that night. Im sure Lupe had bare chests to sign somewhere in the backrooms...or

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The L.A. said...

The guy is Mars, Lupe's brother.