Saturday, November 8, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Steppin' Out The Phantom W/ Drake, T-Rexxx and Future

(if the vid above doesnt work, watch it here.)
So I was shooting at a party tonight and Drake, T-Rexxx and Future stopped by to just completely shut down the spot...and I mean shut down the spot.
When Future played the Im Still Fly Freestyle and Ransom...that was it...paaawty done! lol
The best part was, Future, T-Rexxx and Drake werent even supposed to roll through or scheduled to spin or MC, but they did a whole set...maybe even 2, just to show love. Mad respect for that shit. See? People need to do this shit more often. Sometimes its not about the money, its just about being there for your peoples and showing love.

1 Love T.O.

Anyhow, I come downstairs later and of course the guys are outside stunting on with the Phantom...

Thats wassup.

So we chilled there for a second, and dudes and girls started swarming the car! SWARMING!
Some of the fans started asking who was in the Phantom and Drake told them who and they were like "like from the song?" lol

Ill just let you watch this. Its kinda dark for the first bit...but do listen to what the fans, Future and T-Rexxx are saying...even though you cant see them "but you dont need to see me cuz Im black. And so is my president. Black's the new white. Welcome to the black house." lmao

ps. when T-Rexxx is referring to a remix, he's referring to his remix of Im Still Fly...cant lie...he aint even bad. It's actually pretty good. lol

pss. the video footage from the lost in the willderness & octobers very own party is almost done...lets just say the footage is amazing. If you thought the pictures were looked fun, wait til you see the rest of the footage! I just typed a whole heap of shit telling you how crazy the video is, but I juss deleted it because I didnt wanna spoil it for you. That vid should be posted next week so watch for that.

psss. the video for Kanye's Heartless video is absolutely fuckin retarded! If you havent seen it, go find it now!

pssss. those are exclusive Drake tracks playing in the car...y'all aint ready for that tho!

psssss. 'bullshit' as in party and bullshit...(its a good thing, just in case y'all get it twisted. lol)

pssssss. fuck, here's the yeezy video. Its too good to not post.


Anonymous said...

That's wassup huh!!!

hustleGRL said...


The Definition said...

::sigh:: Aubrey, so talented, so handsome. I really hope the come up doesn't change him. There are people in this world I wish I could have met before they became "famous". It'd be a lot easier to get to know them.

Kanye's video was ill, very innovative. He could have just done a run of the mill video for that track, but he didn't and I dig that. You gotta love that guy, if not at least love to hate him...........oNe

ps. still waiting on that Yelluh Drake vs. Chris "Dark" Brown krump off. lmao.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What club was this outside of?

Anonymous said...

please don't use the phrase ''fucking retarded'', because I am retarded.

naw, I'm playing. I'm not. lol.. but whenever someone uses the word retarded it makes me think of the time when the BlacK Eye Peas caught hella shit for using the phrase ''lets get retarded in here''....and a crowd of down syndrome people where holding signs while protesting... going way off subject now...

whatever song drake had blasting in the phantom was hot! I can't wait til he puts more music out...

Chilly Willy said...

1. outside suie 106/ level (peter and adelaide)

2) ill do my best with the retard comments. bad habits. lol

Chilly Willy said...


Chilly Willy said...

in case u were wondering...the video was re-edited. lol. u snooze u lose.

you know what im talking about if u seen the original video during the first 24 hrs of me posting it. lol