Saturday, November 29, 2008

life is a movie

This post is based on some of the conversations Ive been having with a few friends throughout this week...and I have been saying the same things over and over again. I just thought it would be more effective for me to blog about it than to continuously repeat myself (although I will if necessary).

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love watching movies and I live life through a lens of a camera; seeing things in frames and scenes of a movie. I even have a soundtrack for any given moment in my life playing subconsciously in the back of my mind.

This analogy can be related to almost anything, but to anyone going through heartbreak, translate this appropriately and try to take something away from this. I may be all wrong, but something in here might make sense. And if it does, I hope it helps.

And this is just my perspective, in no way do I feel like I am right or that I know better than any other person. I am merely sharing my views in hopes that it may shed some light and give you some guidance in your time of confusion and trouble.

Life is like a big movie.
A movie where you havent read the full script and you're only acting it out scene by scene.
Everyone has their own role.
Theyre casted to for a certain scene.
Theyre casted because theyre most suitable for it, whether you (the main character) agrees or not.
(To some extent, you were casted for this role too because you were most suitable for it.)
They come on set (your life), spit their lines, play their part, and they keep it moving.
Exit scene.
But the reel keeps spinning.
The movie continues.
Do not hold a character on set for longer than they need to be. Do not extend their role in the film if its not necessary, especially, if they're not prepared or ready for such a large role. Greater roles means more lines, more acting, more commitment. Don't put all that responsibility on a person who isn't ready for it. The big roles belong to the more experienced and better actors or the actors that are meant to play the role. All you end up doing is taking away lines from the better actor and giving it to the not so good actor and risking a shitty performance from them that isn't moving, emotional or effective. The script has been written.

The little things you worry about, is merely a scene in this epic film. This part in your life movie may last only 5 minutes...this person may very well just be a cameo.
If you think the movie ends here, you're wrong. You're maybe only halfway. Sadly enough, this may not even be the main conflict nor the climax of the movie. You'll prolly have to face several more and more intense heartbreaks, depressions, failures, losses, pain, hurt, tears and suffering.
But for everything you go through, your character builds more character.
It gives you more texture and dimension.
Your character develops, creating a better understanding of your role and how to perform it.

Everyone in your life plays a role, everyone in your life has a purpose.
Sometimes it may feel like people just roll through to fuck your shit up, but look beyond that.
Take away the experience and the lesson.
Pocket it.
When a situation arises, take your experience and lesson back out.
Use it to your advantage.
Keep it moving.
There are so many problems in this life for you to have to suffer through, and life is way too short for you to just stall on the same problem.
Keep it moving.
Start working out your other problems.
Get it out of the way.
Struggle is what defines a person.
Without struggle there is no appreciation.
Without appreciation, there is no meaning.
Without meaning, there is no point.

Without a point...what is left?

Happiness is something you earn. Not something you're entitled to.
You will never appreciate something that is free more than what you have sweat, bled and cried to obtain. Some may appreciate anything and everything...but not everyone does.
Your time, effort and emotions creates value.

The way I see things is, there are barely enough hours in a day to smile. I cant waste any of it on frowns.
Spend your time doing what you want and if you cant, then work towards it.

A lot of my peoples are going through really rough patches right now...understand you are not alone. But this is your movie. Its still filming. Production hasnt ended. The full cast has yet to play their parts.
The scene will end soon enough, but the filming must go on. If things get too difficult, just climb back into your trailer. Take a step back to re-read your script. Understand your character. But keep it moving.The longer you stall on figuring out how to act part of this scene, the more you risk the next couple actors leaving the set (and maybe even the movie) and not playing their more crucial roles for later scenes.

Life is a movie.
But unfortanately, not every ending is happy.
Every hero does not save the day.
He doesnt always get the girl.
She doesnt always get saved.

But thats ok...

Regardless of the ending,
Just act your ass off.
Trust the writer and your directors and ask questions and direction when necessary.
Act your character to the best of your ability.
Make it a memorable performance
and just live your life like you deserve an Oscar.

its 541am...If there are typos and grammar mistakes, I apologize...its way too late for any edits.
To all my brothers and sisters with troubled minds, I hope this helps.

Gnite and rest well.

I just wanted to add a couple more points.

What some of us never realize is that some people in our lives are just extras, that theyre just fillers. Or theyre a side plot that sometimes doesnt really connect to the overall storyline.
What you need to do is recognize the difference between your co-star and main cast and the extras and one liner actors. You know at the end when they roll credits and the character doesnt have a name and it says 'girl #2 - Jane doe' or 'waiter #2 - Billy Bob'? ...that may be that person that you're dwelling on.
Recognize who plays the important re-occurring roles in your movie. Focus on the characters that have the biggest impact on your character development.

Everything that happens, good or bad all contributes to the greater meaning and depth to the movie.

Although the script is written, it can still be re-written if you object that badly. But understand the script should only be re-written if its to make the movie better, not just because you dont like it. You're not the only one in this movie. If the plot changes, it affects everyone and their roles. Be careful when making changes and consider what else is supposed to happen because of this modification.

Inside, im sorta laughing because this post reminds me of Entourage. Anyone who watches Entourage knows what I


Anonymous said...

Well Said
every thing that you say is true, but may i make one comment and add my opinion.
i think EVERYONE is entitled to happiness, BUT its something to be earned as well.
thats all

Anonymous said...

this was such an inspiration Will...a great read to start off my day..

like my mom always tells me, "Dont walk out on the movie just because you're at a part you don't like"

I appreciate this post, this blog, You, and your words of wisdom. Thank You.

The L.A. said...

I honestly thought i was the only one that felt as if life was a movie that could never rewind..i'm glad to know that someone else feels the same way.

Sang Frais said...

I so love this post man. My favorie part was "Do not hold a character on set for longer than they need to be. Do not extend their role in the film if its not necessary. The script has been written."

I was actually thinking about this a lot Thursday morning since I couldn't sleep and that quote right there is exactly what i'm planning to do with most of the people in my life. They don't need to be here anymore so it's time I give em the boot. Your whole post was very helpfull with what i've been thinking about since that morning. Thanks man. :)

Chilly Willy said...

and ur right, everyone is entitled to happiness. sorry.

and also every event contributes to the overall plot.

Anonymous said...

This was a great post!
Very insightful...gave me alot to think about...i actually had to come back and read it again now before i made this comment because there was alot of aspects that i had to really let sink in.
the part about holding characters on set for to long really stood out to me cause i think i'm just one of those people that hold on for to long and have difficulties recognizing when someone needs to exit the stage.
i also really enjoyed the part about how everything you go through adds dimension and texture to your character...i mean that is always something i've known but when you put it in the context of a movie you can really see how the depth of character is important and adds quality to the overall movie.
i like the whole flow of this post...and its funny because i always think of life as a book you know...maybe its just cause i read alot but its the same kind of concept with everyone in your life playing a role and being a character and just how the events of your life play out to create this story that at the end of the day is always worth telling...or watching :)

djlissamonet said...

what a great analogy of life.
you, my willbeans are a visionary.
and an inspiration to all.
glad to know you.
*tips my heat*
*pops some orville*
*presses play*

J said...

I liked the previous photo you had for this post, but i guess this one relates more to the topic.

This was just what i needed to read, it was really helpful. Right now im in the middle of auditioning a part for new co-star. The old one just isnt working out anymore.

The Definition said...

"I honestly thought i was the only one that felt as if life was a movie that could never rewind..i'm glad to know that someone else feels the same way."

I second that. This was a great post Will. I laughed when you said that sometimes theres a soundtrack playing in your mind for different moments in your life. Swear I thought I was the only crazy mofo that felt like that.

Burna said...

its interesting how people subconsciously connect on ideas of life, whether their close friends or there 1000s of miles apart..everything you posted i could agree with and it couldnt have been said better...kudos photo will

Sharifa said...

Loved this post.
I think the same way, about life being like a movie...with the soundtrack and everything haha.

This helped me out a lot actually, just in time...though there is a bigger scene coming up, I think I'll be able to deal with it after this read.

Thanks for taking the time to post it.


Anonymous said...

your words were exactly what i needed to hear. i actually copied and pasted this onto my computer so i could save it and re-read it when i need to : )

Anonymous said...

very insightful. its so funny i was just saying this to someone the other day just saying i wish i could have re-written the script for our relationship, but unfortunately i have no control over the film so i have to just let it play out and hope it is a happy ending after all.

tilt said...

really dope analogy.

Life is a movie and some ppl dwell too much on girl #2 or boy #4, when there just a cameo appearance.

everyone does deserve happiness, but happiness is also a state of mind, positive thoughts = positve outcomes.

so entourage. lol