Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know Im major late for this one...but for some reason Ive never ever watched the replacement girl video...
and I finally did...

For one...look how young Drake is! lmao...and for two...i noticed my girl Jenn Curlz was in the one of the main guys do remember Jenn Curlz right? if not, scroll back a few pages and check out the "Weekly Goodfoot Visit" post.
I know most of the girls in the video, but Im not gonna shout them out because you know how girls are about this stuff. They try to stay humble as a mumble in the jungle. lol. But I was shocked most by Jenn's appearance. lol
Snap, I knew you were a dancer and all but hot damn homay! lol.
Once again, Good luck with all your endeavors and goals! We're all gonna miss you back here, and dont worry, ill assemble the troops to go visit you in Montreal soon!

x's and o's

ps. I see you Neeks, Anaya, Natalie Caine and Nadia Edwards! lol Ok ok! lol Hot gyal a hot gyal over there huh?

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misscaine said...

bigg up to lissa, if it wasn't for this video i would have met you some other way...or maybe not at all... and that would have been a shame. <3 xoxo